Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the Management of the Co-op. “C” denotes a consumer member representative, “P” denotes a producer member representative.

  • Kim Jacobs, Brooks. (C) President. Founding and volunteer member of the Coop. Co-owner of Zephyr Hill Farm. Also sells notecards, calendars, stationery and other paper goods with her own designs at the Coop. (3-year term, 2015-2018) Contact:
  • Mike Switzer, Brooks. (C) Vice President Incorporating member of the Coop and board. Co-owner of Ralph’s Cafe. Sells baked goods and cafe-made condiments to the Coop. (1-year term, 2015-2016) Contact:
  • Lizzie Hogg, Swanville. (P) Secretary
  • Stephanie Martinez, Unity. 
  • Jamas Branchaud, Unity
  • Chris Bond, Unity. (P)
  • David Greeley, Brooks. (P)


  • Matthew McKillop, Swanville. Manager Contact:
  • Philip Kess, Cashier