Volunteer Information

The Marsh River Cooperative Needs You!

The Marsh River Coop is a member owned and volunteer run cooperative.  We are experiencing rapid growth and while this is good, we are struggling to keep up with the additional needs of the organization, especially in these challenging times. We are looking for individuals who share our values and appreciate having the coop in existence to volunteer their time and energy to keep the coop open and to become truly sustainable. 

We have many different ways you can volunteer at the coop depending on your time, your interests, and your talents.

Serve on the board 

Our volunteer board both governs the organization and helps run the operational side of the coop as an enterprise. For many years we have been running without a full board. A full board consists of nine members; we will only have five if new people don’t step up in November. We are seeking more board members who have a variety of interests and strengths. We especially need people with financial expertise.

Serve on an existing committee, revitalize or head up a needed committee, or work in one of these areas on your own

Usually, there would be committees made up of board members, coop members, and others from our customer base and community to facilitate many aspects of our mission and operations.  We have been functioning with a minimum of committees. Many previously functioning committees are in abeyance due to lack of people. There are many interesting and fun areas that you could get involved in.  

Please see the Committee – Areas of Need document attached. 

Choose from a variety of in-store tasks or types of shifts. 

We have a manager and part time paid staffing, but for many of our open hours we are solely staffed by volunteers. Volunteers also fulfill many of the other tasks needed to keep the business running, including: stocking and repack, product pickups, cleaning/disinfecting, and facilities maintenance tasks.

Please see attached volunteer opportunity list or contact the interim volunteer coordinator. 

Contact for info on any of the above: Kim Jacobs at volunteermarshriver@gmail.com or 722-3139

Current Committees


The purpose is to assist in creating and maintaining a physical environment that furthers the mission of the Marsh River Cooperative. The committee will do so by:

  • Maintaining a clean and attractive appearance both inside and outside the Coop.
  • Helping either build or obtain fixtures, displays and equipment as needed, such as shelving, coolers, furnishings etc.
  • Making sure the equipment such as the coolers and freezers receive regular maintenance.  
  • Repair or arrange for repair of equipment and fixtures and displays as needed.
  • Help other committees when carpentry or building skills, or moving heavy objects are needed.
  • Identify and address safety and security concerns.

*Members can take part on a “Call for availability for tasks as the arise” basis.

Volunteer and Outreach Committee (Many committees were rolled into one for lack of members)

Responsible for:

Community Outreach and Engagement

Education about Cooperatives

Member outreach, recruitment, and engagement

Volunteer recruitment, engagement and management 

  • website management, online posting including website and social media
  • Maintain outreach documents
    • Membership applications
    • Membership and Community Contact Lists
    • Volunteer opportunities and needs

Maintain the Coop Kiosk/Triptych – update the black board etc.

Crafts/Art on Consignment Committee

Our goal is to facilitate and manage a diverse and thriving “crafter’s area” in the Coop store. This showcases the breadth and variety of artistic “craft” talent from coop members and others from the community. 

The Crafter Committee will 

  • Actively recruit crafters
  • Oversee selection of products and make sure an bountiful number are maintained 
  • Create and maintain an attractive store set-up and display of products
  • Ensure that all facets of crafter sales are running smoothly.  
  • Keep up to date and available, crafter documents such as inventory sheets and crafter applications
  • Promote the craft area through marketing endeavors – advertising and events
  • Act as liaison between the crafters, the manager and the Board.

Finance Committee:

Responsible for monitoring the financial status of the Co-op and proposing policies impacting the financial status to the Board.

The following committees are currently in abeyance which means that their areas of concern are getting what little attention the board can spare for them or are ending up on the manager’s plate.

Policy Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing and ensuring the consistency, coherence and clarity of the Co-op´s bylaws and policies and ensuring that all policies are easily accessible to Co-op members.  

Specifically, the Committee is responsible for: Compiling the Co-op’s bylaws and policies in physical and electronic format that is easily accessible to all Co-op members, Ensuring consistency of policies with Co-op bylaws, consistency across policies, and coherence and clarity in the bylaws and policies

  • Identifying any gaps in the bylaws and policies
  • Making the Board and/or other committees aware of gaps, inconsistencies and lack of coherence or clarity in policies and recommending potential solutions
  • Supporting the Board and/or relevant committees in developing or revising policies as needed or requested
  • Researching and making recommendations to the Board and/or other committees regarding consistency of Co-op bylaws, policies and procedures with relevant laws 
  • Recording and publishing policy additions and changes appropriately including Bylaw changes to the State.

Member Outreach and Cooperative Education Committee: 

Membership recruitment, education and promotion of membership engagement and community outreach.

Merchandising and Purchasing Committee

Responsible for evaluating our product line, what to carry, what does well, determining product priorities, sourcing etc. in conjunction with the manager.  Also works with the manager on in-store presentation, layout and display including store displays, fixtures, labeling and signage. Evaluate marketing/advertising/outreach needs to facilitate the sale of the inventory and inform the Marketing Committee of those needs. 

Fundraising – Development:  

The goal is to seek and attempt to obtain gifts, grants or other relevant revenue sources for the co-op outside of those generated from the sales of goods. The committee shall obtain and work in concert with a fiscal sponsor when required or seek other appropriate partners or take other appropriate measures to increase the scope of grants that the co-op may be eligible for. In addition to the seeking of traditional grants, the committee may seek alternative revenue through crowd funding, or other non-traditional fund raising measures as deemed appropriate.


  • Promotions, press releases, advertising, displays.

Events – Education

Schedules and helps with events at the COOP.

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