The Marsh River Co-op is owned by its members, and operated on a cooperative basis.  Members form the backbone of the Co-op, both by investing financially through share purchases (ownership) and by volunteering time to help the Co-op thrive.  All are welcome to become members of the Co-op!


Individual Consumer Membership (You can put more than one person on the form but the fee is 50$ per person)

Producer Member Application


– Keeping your local Co-op open

– For producer members, a higher priority level in the Co-op purchasing your items

– One vote at meetings of the membership

– An annual dividend payment proportional to purchases made at the cooperative

– The opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors

– The opportunity to volunteer at the cooperative and receive a 10% discount on purchases

CONSUMER MEMBERS are individuals who acquire a membership with the intent to purchase products through the cooperative, defined as follows:

–    Individual: one person or entity

PRODUCER MEMBERS are persons (or entities) who reside within a 10-mile radius of the Marsh River Cooperative and who undergo a juried review process to become members of the cooperative in order to provide goods for sale at the cooperative in one or more ways, including:

–    Farmer: grows food for distribution at the cooperative

–    Supplier: purchases items for resale through the cooperative

–    Crafter: creates products for resale through the cooperative

Producer Members receive full membership benefits as detailed above.  Additionally, the Co-op will purchase goods for sale in the store first from Producer members before seeking other sources. Producer members are also given priority “real estate” in the store for sale of their consignment craft items.

Membership Fees are as follows:


  • $50 one-time membership share purchase
  • $15.00 annual fee


  • $100 one-time membership share purchase
  • $15.00 annual fee

New members who pay their equity payment in full at time of sign-up will have the $15.00 annual fee waived for their first year of membership.  New producer members may select a one-year Payment Plan option to purchase their membership share(s), payable as $30.00 per quarter, which includes the one-time $100.00 membership share purchase price + initial $15.00 annual fee + a $5.00 administrative fee.


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