Bulk, Group, and Special Orders


As a cooperative, we are eligible for bulk and group pricing from some of our suppliers.


We are happy to place a custom order for you with any of our suppliers (within reason of course).

Associated Buyers(Member Only 15% above cost for general goods & 25% for beer & wine) orders are placed weekly; special orders are due to the Co-op by Sunday afternoon.  Members may purchase items from the catalog at wholesale prices; the Marsh River Co-op will add only a small handling fee of 15% to items.  Please visit the store to browse our printed catalog, or email marshriverordering@gmail.com to request a digital spreadsheet from which you may select the items you’d like to order.

Percko (Member Only Pre-order) grain and farm supply orders are placed weekly.  Please let us know by Sunday at 7pm the items you would like delivered the following week.  You may visit the store in person or call us at 207-722-3053 to place your order.

Members are also able to place beer or wine pre-orders with any of our vendors!

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