Spotlight on Crafters: Fiber

Hi Everyone,

So today’s spotlight is going to be on our fiber folk, of which we have a few.

First up is Mulberry Marsh Designs and Meredith Tomayan with her mom’s fiber mice. Apparently she has been making them for a very long time. We had a random lady stop in last year and be super surprised we had them because she had them as a kid.


Next up is It’s All About The Yarn by Rani Howe of Skyscraper Farm (they also do our organic Christmas trees). They’ve also hosted the Tea parties a few times for Ralph’s Cafe Benefits. She makes smaller hand spun merino&alpaca blend draw string bags.


And then we have aprons and other fabric creations from Sew Happy or Gail Croply. She’s been with us for a long time and we always sell a few aprons every holiday season!


Next up is Rosemarie Dilernia again(she does our watercolor bookmarks as well) with her new addition to the Co-Op. She brought in hand knit spa cloths with soap which would make a nice addition to any gift basket.


We also have some hand knit hats by Jo Cooley for when we have those really cold days.


We also offer fiber items that you could purchase and make something of your own. We have a few different yarns on the shelf, fabric ends and even a few sheepskins.

If I missed anyone I am terribly sorry. Reach out to us and I’ll make sure you get posted!

Spotlight on Crafters: Stationary

Hi Everyone,

So next up on the list is our group of crafters that fit into the stationary category.

Let’s start with our own Kim Jacobs, Board President and store volunteer. She was one of our founding members and has put in a lot of hours to make sure the Co-op prospers. She does puzzles, cards, calendars, note cards and many other kinds of art formats!


Next up is Mulberry Marsh Designs, our own Meredith Toumayan, former board member and head of our craft committee. She also does our spinners night every other Friday night at the Co-Op(if you are interested in joining stop by the Co-op and we can get you on the mailing list). Right now she has cards at the Co-op but she used to have some fiber items as well!


Also picture above are bird prints from Laura Zamfirescu from Monroe who also does cards and calendars!


And then we have Rosemarie Dilernia who is a more recent addition to our selections. She does lovely watercolor bookmarks which are frame or mounting worthy. She just added a new fabric item to the Co-op as well but we’ll showcase that when we do the fiber folk!


Spotlight on Crafters: Jewelry

Hi Everyone,

As we get closer and closer to the holidays we thought it would be nice to showcase a few of our local crafter’s so that everyone has a chance to see what local people are making for sale in the Co-Op. I’m going to leave the images large so hopefully you can zoom in and look at the items.

First up we have Glad Girl Jewlrey made by Heather Selin of Earth Dharma Farms (they also provide produce for the Co-op) in Jackson. She is one of our active members who has formerly been on our board and has supported the Co-op for a while. She does some nice earrings and a pendant or two.


Next up we have items from Doreen Dixon (Maid In The Woods). Mostly earrings but a few other items as well. Back when we first opened Doreen used to come in every week and help us put away our large Associated Buyers order. In the last few years however her business has taken off so much she hasn’t had a lot of free time. If you want to check out her stuff in person stop in the Co-op and take a look or you can look at her items on her Etsy Store and Website!

Then we have some items from Louise Merrithew and Bela Luz.  Louise has been selling items in the Co-op for just over a year and she was a great addition to our jewelry selection. Bela Luz has been selling for quite a while though there was a bit of a break due to some issues with our insurance but we are glad to have her stuff back out on sale!


So we have a few other items in the Co-op as well and if I missed anyone I do apologize. Over the next week or so we’ll highlight other types of crafts we have in the Co-op!

Fedco Seed/Bulb/OGS

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Ed Hamel we are pleased to announce that we will be offering the combining of Seed/Bulb/OGS(Organic Growing Supplies) orders into one bulk order so that we can leverage the bulk discounts through Fedco. Ed is planning to go and get the orders when they are available and distribute them at the Co-Op. The only thing we are asking is to help defray the costs of the time, energy and gas to do this that you donate 25% of the discount from the bulk order to the Co-op(or more if you so choose). So for example if we received enough orders to be eligible for the 20% discount we ask that you give 25% of that discount. If anyone has additional questions please feel free to stop in Tuesday mornings when Ed is staffing the Co-op or you can reach out to us at or at (207) 722-3053 and we can pass the messages along to him. More detailed instructions below.

People who want to order should go to the Fedco seeds site to place their part of the group order.
The group name is: marsh river co-op
The group numbers are:
seeds: 99033
trees: 49820
potatoes: 69013
organic supplies: 39015
To place an order.
Group Member Instructions:
1. First get the group order number. There will be a separate number for each division (Seeds; Potatoes, Onions and Exotics; Organic Growers Supply; Trees; and Bulbs), if your coordinator has chosen to coordinate an order from more than one division.
2. Go to the division in which you are building an order, using the links in the page header. Log in using your own email address.
3. When you review your order prior to checking out, click the ‘Part of a Group’ checkbox. Then go to ‘Check Out Securely’ and type in the group order number where indicated.
4. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you used to log in.  Until your coordinator finalizes the group’s order, however, Fedco cannot confirm receipt of your order.
The discount for any fedco division are as follows
$100.00     5% off
                                                                                 $300.00    10%off
                                                                                 $600.00    15%off
                                                                                 $1200.00  20%off
Deadlines for orders are:
Trees order by 1/10/19 pick-up 4/24/19
Seeds and organic growers supply order by 2/28/19 pick-up 3/14/19
Potatoes order by 4/5/19 pick-up 4/26/19


New Board Meeting & New Items

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to let you know that your newly elected Board will be meeting for the first time this coming Tuesday the 11th at 6:30pm here at the Co-op. Officers will be chosen at that time and we have a lot of topics to discuss and planning for the upcoming year. Anyone interested (board meetings are open to the public, no need to be a member) in joining in and seeing how the board functions and what issues are facing the Co-op, please drop by.

Any now on to the fun part. Please find the list below of items added this week to your Co-op!

  1. Frontier Maple Smoked Syrup (Customer Request)
  2. North Spore Mushroom Kits (For the holidays)
  3. Green Truck Sauvignon Blanc (Org)
  4. Nero d’avola (Org)
  5. 90+ Prosecco (Org)
  6. Daiya Cheesy Mac (Member Request)(GF, SF, DF)
  7. Roasted Dandelion Tea (Member Request) (Org)
  8. Stevia Clear Liquid Drops (Member Request) (Non-GMO)
  9. T-Sacs
  10. Women’s Bean Project GF Cornbread Mix
  11. Women’s Bean Project Cilantro Lime Cup Soup
  12. Women’s Bean Project Spanish Rice and Pinto Beans Soup
  13. Raaka Bourbon Dark Choc Bar (Org)
  14. Simply Organic Almond Extract (Org)
  15. And finally a small selection of Organic Cotton Socks(because it’s cold) from Maggie’s Organics. There are other varieties available so if you are looking for something specific just let us know!

Basket Raffle

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that through the wonderful donation of time and items from one of our consigners we will be raffling off a basket of goodies provided by Backyard Family Farms (Soaps, bath salts, sprays etc). Backyard Family Farms is also offering a sale of 50% your second item from them of equal or lesser value! Raffle tickets are $2.00 a piece and the drawing will be done on December 23rd in the am so you can come pickup the basket anytime after that! A list of items in the basket are as follows;


German Red Garlic (1lb)

Russian Red Garlic (1lb)

Daytime Pain Rub

Sleepytime Pain Rub

Shea Butter Lotion Bar

Extra Large Shower Steamer

2 Toilet Fizzies

Poo Be Gone Toilet Spray

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Cozy Holiday Air Freshener

4oz Bar Soap

4oz Bar Soap with Soap Saver Dish

2 Lip Balms

8z Honey with wood dipper

2oz Snowman Honey Bear

2 Tic Tacs

2 Hershey Nugget Christmas Packs

Macho Man Cologne Balm

Love Story Perfume Spray

6oz Energizing Bath Salt with Muslin Bag




New Items 12/01/2018

Hi Everyone,

So we are moving full swing into winter (though I feel like it came a little early this year) and we’ve received most of our shipments of local Christmas Trees for your selection. We now have the Organic Trees from Skyscraper Farm and some smaller varieties from Mckay Farms in Thorndike (I’m hoping to get a few table top ones as well soon).

Don’t forget as we get in to the season of giving we have some wonderful food gifts and crafts for folks. We have a fresh batch of Ralph’s Cafe pickles, items from two maple syrup producers (Triple M and Frontier Maple Syrup) and Swan’s Honey from Albion. And if you are looking for a nice bottle of wine we have quite a few we can recommend so stop on in to check them out!

And now onto the new items list for this week!

  1. Dried Shiitake Mushrooms (Board Request)
  2. Org Medjool Dates (for the holidays)
  3. If You Care Parchment Paper (customer request)

And we are dialing in our orders for off-season greens through another Maine Co-op (Crown o’ Maine) so we are hoping to have a wider selection of greens throughout the winter. This week we received baby spinach and arugula as well as some Org Cantaloupe!