Rock City Coffee and A Few New Item

Hi Folks,

We are pleased to add 12oz bags of Rock City Coffee now at your Co-Op! That brings our total of Maine roasted beans & grinds up to four different Maine vendors. And to those of you who have asked for others we haven’t forgotten; it can take a while to work out the logistics of getting them here.

And a few new items this week,

  1. Maine Pie Co Gluten Free Pie Crust Shells (Member Requested)
  2. Organic Valley Sharp Chedder (Customer Requested)

Crafters at the Co-Op!

Hi Everyone,

Regrettably the stars did not align for us to do a Craft Fair this year. That being said we still have a great selection of local crafts to pick from right before the holidays including several returning crafters. We’d love to offer more as well so if you know someone that is looking to sell there crafts please feel to reach out to us at Come on in to your Co-Op and check them out!

Chow Maine and New Items

Hi Folks,

So it’s turning out to be a busy week here at your Co-Op. We are pleased to announce that we’ve worked it out so that we are now able to carry Chow Maine (Southwest Harbor) asian prepared foods after we discontinued the Macro Veggie items. If there is something you think we should carry of their products pop us an e-mail or drop in the store. Some new items as well this week,

  1. Knit hats from Jo Cooley who is a returning crafter.
  2. Herbal BBG Popcorn from Little Lads
  3. New Belgian Fat Tire Ale
  4. UFF Dry Cidah

Coffee Grinder and New Items

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that the Marsh River Co-Op (and by extension our members) now are in the possession of a professional burr grinder for coffee beans. We just received it today and we still might have a few kinks to work out but so far it’s working great. So come on in and enjoy that freshly ground coffee smell!

Also, some new items on the shelves today;

Ployes Pancake Mix (Member Requested)

Natural Value 12 Pack Bath Tissue (Member Requested)

San Pellegrino (Member Requested)

Maine Meds Elderberry Syrup (Member Requested)

A few updates

Hi Folks,

Just popping out a quick note to let you know of a few things going on in the Co-Op. A group of us got together Sunday evening and redesign for the entry way and we think it looks more open and welcoming now (photo below). Let us know what you think!

Also, we have some new cookies from Many Hands Farm which are great for snacking on.

After a brief hiatus Chase Stream Farm is back in business making Kimchi and ROK sauce so come on and get yours!