Member Only Wine Sale

Hi Folks,

In honor of the festivities next week we are offering $.50 off per bottle on the following wines through the end of Wednesday(or while supplies last) for our members. So come on in and get your last minute libations!

  1. Pasa O Paso Tempranillo
  2. Le Petit Balthazaar Rose
  3. Fruili Cabert Pinot Grigio


New Items 11/16/2018

Hi Folks,

So we have a few new items this week. We’ve hooked up with Mariner Beverage out of Portland which distributes a for Foundation Brewing out of Portland so we now have a few of their selections. We were also able to add an old favorite from the west coast.

  1. Foundation Brewing – After Glow IPA
  2. Foundation Brewing – Epiphany IPA
  3. Foundation Brewing – Burnside Brown (Made with Maine oats)
  4. Northcoast Old Rasputin – Non-GMO

And a few items in grocery;

  1. Condensed Sweetend Coconut Milk (For baking, Vegan)
  2. Ducktrap Smoked Makeral (Member Request)

(I also wanted to showcase some of our brews from Penobscot Bay Brewing in Winterport in the photo)


Annual Meeting and Other News

Hi Everyone,

We hope to see as many of you as can make it to the Annual Meeting tomorrow (Pot Luck at 4:00pm meeting at 5:00pm). Taco fixings will be available but please feel free to bring any dish you would like or just enjoy the company!

The Annual Report is complete so please feel free to download it and review. If you have questions please feel free to speak to a board member or the manager or we can go over them at the board meeting.

MRC Annual Report 2018

We are also please to announce that starting this coming Monday the Marsh River Cooperative will be open with new daily hours which are way easier to remember. We will now be open:

10am-6pm Monday through Saturday

10am-5pm Sunday

Thanks to all the volunteers and staff which made this possible!

And finally new items for this week;

We are pleased to welcome Highland Organics out of Stockton Springs. They do a bunch of Blueberry and Chaga Products. For starters we now have

  1. Blueberry Barque 3oz Packs
  2. Bulk Sipping Blueberry Tea
  3. Bulk Simple Chaga Tea
  4. Blueberry Tea in a Tin
  5. Individual Blueberry Sipping Tea Bags


And the general items

  1. Kaoka 70% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
  2. Organic Valley Ricotta Cheese (A member requested a softer cheese)
  3. Annie Chedder Organic Shells Family Size
  4. Bionaturae Organic Rigitoni
  5. Gomaxgo Mahalo Bar
  6. La Paya Sauvignon Blanc (A member requested a Chilean Sauv Blanc, and this one is supposed to have hints of lemon so I was intrigued)
  7. Museum Reserva Tempranillo (This one would make a good present bottle).
  8. Fisheye Merlot

Annual Meeting Updates and Reminders, News from the Co-Op and New Items

Hi Everyone,

This post is going to be a little long so please bear with us. It’s been a busy week here at the Co-Op and we want to make sure everyone gets the news!

First would like to remind everyone that the Annual Meeting is coming up on Sunday November 11th at 4:00pm for the potluck and 5:00pm for the meeting. If you haven’t already please do take the Member/Customer Survey. And a slight update regarding food. David Greeley from Common Hill Farm will be making a big thing of taco meat, Kim Jacobs(Board President) will be making a non-meat filling and the Co-Op will be purchasing a large batch of Tortilleria Pachanga tortilla’s so there will be a make your own taco option at the pot luck

Survey Link

MRC Annual Meeting Flyer 2018

It’s also been a very busy week at the Co-Op, we were happy to be hosts Tuesday for folks from the Game Loft for there inaugural run of there new van (always glad to have you) and then we rolled right into the Trunk or Treat in downtown Brooks on Wednesday. Thanks to our volunteers that came out and helped with the popcorn machine and gave out candy.


And now for some item updates. We’ve talked to three vendors about Saturday pastries but one of them was unable to help and the two others are still reviewing whether they might be able to. In the interim Back 40 Bread has agreed to add a Friday pickup for us as well so please check the dates on the bread if you have any questions about the freshest loafs. And now on to the new items this week!

  1. White Orchard Organic Cream in Glass
  2. Penobscot Bay Half-Moon Stout 4 pack (we had the 22oz but they have shifted to cans)
  3. Choomi Cookies (Board request)
  4. Realpick Beet Kvas (Member request, Organic)
  5. Lundberg White Basmati Rice 2# bag (Customer request)
  6. Organic Candy Canes
  7. Natrol Omega 3 Fish Oil (Member request)
  8. Natrol D-3 (Member Request)
  9. Thompson Cal-Mag with Zinc (Member request)



Sad News Regarding Coastal Cafe

Hi Everyone,

We have some sad news to report. We received notice today that Coastal Cafe will no longer be doing wholesale accounts, meaning we will no longer be receiving our Saturday deliveries from them. They’ve been with us since pretty much our opening so it will be sad to see them go. If anyone has any recommendations of a local place they would like us to try and reach out to for additional pastries please let us know in the comments and we will do our best to add there stuff.