Homestead and Garden Exchange

Hi Folks,

So we are trying something a little different, we’ve setup a space in the Co-op to donate their no longer used Homestead and Garden supplies. We then set a reasonable price on the item and any proceeds generated from the sales goes into a fund for folks that want to be members but can’t quite afford the equity of joining. So if you have some unused good that you think would fit and want to go to a good home bring them on in!

New Item From Toddy Pond Farm!

Hey Folks,

We are pleased to announce that we have received our first delivery of some of the Toddy Pond cheeses to the Co-op! The flavors are Fromage Blanc w/ Fresh Herbs with olive oil and Fromage Blanc w/Lemon Rosemary and Olive Oil. And now that we carry the cheese you can now return your cheese bottles back to the Co-op for your deposit. So if you’ve got some free time you should take a trek out to their farm store, buy some cheese and check out their other available items  and you can now return your bottles to us!


New Items 05-10-2019

Hey Folks,

So we have some new items on the shelf this week though we are super glad to have more local greens starting to come in.

  1. We are welcoming back to the shelves Earth Dharma Farm Organic Spinach .5lb Bags (Jackson)
  2. The folks over at Chase Stream Farm are also trying a new Daikon Kimchi
  3. We got a small restock of the dried beans from Calyx Farm 
  4. And we still have Bok Choi and Tatsoi from Stubborn Ox here in Brooks
  5. We also have locally foraged fiddleheads both clean and uncleaned for those that want to do the work themselves

And now on to the regular grocery items that came in new this week!

  1. Divina Grape Leaves (Non-GMO)(Board Request)
  2. Effies Original Oatcakes (Customer Request)
  3. Daves Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce
  4. Pratsch Austrian Rose Wine (Organic)

And we also added two more coffee beans to our shelves from the folks down at Green Tree in Lincolnville

  1. Kenya AA French in 1lb Whole Bean
  2. Peru Organic in 1lb Whole Bean

New Items and Local Greens Coming in! 05-04-2019

Hi Everyone,

So we only have a few new items for the Co-op this week but the biggest ones are definitely the local greens that are starting to populate our shelves. We’d like to take the time to thank Stubborn Ox Farm here in Brooks and Calyx Farm in Morrill for starting the season off right!

Right now from the two farms we have

  1. Stubborn Ox Salad Mix
  2. Stubborn Ox Kale
  3. Stubborn Ox Tatsoi
  4. Stubborn Ox Bok Choi
  5. Calyx Farm Arugula
  6. Calyx Farm Radishes

And also on the produce side we’ve been receiving a pretty steady stream of locally foraged fiddleheads which will probably be available for the following month!

A few other items we added this week are;

  1. Potato Flour (Member Request)
  2. Original Coconola (GF, Org, Paleo)
  3. Maggie’s Org Striped Knee Socks  (We’re trying to make a nice selection of org socks)
  4. Yogi Lemon Ginger Tea (Org)(Member Request)

That’s it for now!


Farmfresh Rewards and Updates for May 1st and New Items

Hey Everyone,
We apologize in advance for a long post but there is a lot going on to let you know about at the Co-op and we wanted to make sure we brought everyone up to speed.

We are pleased to announce that starting May 1st we have joined the Farm Fresh Rewards program administered by Maine Farmland Trust which provides vouchers towards local produce for EBT/SNAP eligible customers. For more details about the program feel free to stop in the Co-op or following the link below. Please bear with us as we implement the program and work our any kinks we might have in our checkout process.

Farm Fresh Rewards

Also, starting May 1st we will be bring back the Cold Brew Coffee (Decaf and Regular) which will be found in the cooler by the coffee station We are still working on the ice placement since we moved the freezers over to the back corner but we’ll let you know as we go.

And finally one more thing for May 1st, we will be moving over to our summer hours where we will be open until 6:30pm Friday and Saturday now that we have a bit more light in the evenings!

New Items for this week are as follows

  1. Dried Mango Slices (Organic, Customer Request)
  2. Zuppa Rustica Tuscan Soup
  3. Bar Harbor Clam Chowder (Local)
  4. Thirty Acre Red Riot Fermented Hot Sauce (Organic, Local)
  5. Simply Organic Mild Taco Seasoning Packet
  6. Glad Rags Organic Cotton Hankies
  7. Eco Bags Organic Cotton Produce and Bulk Bags


New items 04-19-2019

Hey Folks,

So we have a few new items this week that we’d like to share with you. As we move into summer we’ll continue to add items as we are able. So if you’d like to see something on the shelf come on in and ask!

  1. Two Flavors of Ralph’s Granola in Bulk! (Fruit and Nut and Lemon Blueberry)
  2. Bulk Organic Sunflower Oil (Customer Request)
  3. GoMaxGo Thumbs Up (Vegan, GF)(Member Request)
  4. Santa Julia Cabernet Sauvignon (Organic)(The La Marouette is no longer available so I thought this would be a nice substitution)
  5. Frontera Cabernet Merlot Blend (A good value wine)