New Local Vendor: Spark Bagel in Monroe

Hey Folks,

We are pleased to welcome Spark Bagels from Monroe to our shelves! A short description below of their products.

Our bagels are made with organic flours from Canada and Maine including Maine grown malted rye. All of our toppings and seeds are also organic. We slow ferment with sourdough starter, hand roll, and honey boil every batch.

Spotlight On Crafters: Soap & Personal Care

Hey Folks,

Next up we have our local soap and personal care items. We have quite a few producers in the region and we are very happy to have them!

First up is Ancestral French Soaps(Nancy) over in Jackson who uses a traditional French recipe to make her soaps. She makes regular, hair and several other varieties as well!

Then we have Lally Broch Farm who makes a range of goat milks soaps. Back in the day they did some soap making classes which were great fun.

We also have items from Bee Balm and Nettle(Sadie in Waldo) who just restocked her bath scrubs for your relaxation needs.

New to our Craft Area is Dragon Pond Essentials (Christine in Jackson) who makes a variety of soaps and she also made a few gift baskets as well.

And brand new to our shelves are a few items from FromME2YOU Herbals in Jackson!

Spotlight On Crafters: Fiber

Hey Everyone,

Next up on the list of our wonderful local crafts are our fiber artists and providers.

First up is Mulberry Marsh Designs (Meredith) from Jackson who has been in and out of the Co-op periodically. She does some wonderful knit items in like hats, gloves and scarves.

Then we have the Mouse Hole Workshop who has been making amazingly detailed mice for many years.

Next up is Sew Happy (Gail) who does sewn items like fabric bowls, pot holders and a mix of other sewn items!

We also have Louise Shorette (she’s in a few of our other posts) from Jackson who makes wonderful felted birds which would be a wonderful addition to any decorations(more birds are on our Christmas tree)!

We also have some Tea Towels made of organic cotton from Hearth and Harrow!

Just a few more posts to go on our local crafters (if we missed anyone please let me know so we can make sure you get added).