New Co-Op Layout

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve stopped in recently you may have noticed we’ve started to move things around here in the Co-Op. Today we made one of the big changes where we made a Wine Corner. As we are able to add more cooling capacity in that area our Beers will start to get integrated into that section as well so that all alcohol products are together. Please offer your opinions and recommendations when you are in the Co-Op so we know how you like the new layout. More changes to come in the next few weeks as we get ready for summer!

New Farm and Produce For the Weekend

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the double post but I wanted to let you know we just received our first delivery of items from Springdale Farm in Waldo. We received there 4oz containers of plain and veggie cream cheese along with ground rose veal and garlic rose veal sausages!

We are also looking pretty stocked in produce for the weekend with a mix of local and from away.

Org Boston Lettuce

Org Mckay Farm Mixed Greens

Sust. Calyx Farm Spinach

Portabello Mushrooms

Org North Branch and Mckay Farm Carrots

Org Broccoli

Org Cauliflower

Org North Branch Cabbage

Backyard Farms Tomatoes on the Vine



So it might actually be spring…

Hi Folks,

Well it might actually be springtime at your Co-Op. We’ve restocked the Maine Vintage Chips for the summer (at a better price even) and we put a table outside on the porch so folks can sit and watch the world go by.

An a quick update on the Palmer Milk. We’ve switched over to plastic half gallons to see how people like that vs. the glass. If you have any comments please do let us know.

We’re tempting fate with spring changes what with snow coming but it can’t last at this point!

New Website Design

Hi Everyone,

So there has been a bit of a redesign of our website to try and make it a little bit cleaner and uncluttered. All of the information should pretty much be the same though. Over the next few weeks we will be working on updating as much of the info as we can. Please let us know if you like the new design or have ways you think it could be better!