Volunteer Thank You and Safety Updates 10/24/2020

Hi Folks,

With everything that has been going on in the big ole town of Brooks this week we thought it would be good to take a moment to thank some of our wonderful volunteers. Since the start of the Pandemic back in late March we have had a dedicated crew of volunteers coming at night/early mornings to do a thorough clean of all the frequently touched surfaces in the Co-op as well as any flat surfaces they could find. They have been working regularly to make sure that the Co-op is a safe place for everyone and we thought it would be great to recognize their commitment.

Other things that we have done since March to ensure that everyone stays healthy and well is below if you were ever wondering what our practices are.

  1. On duty staff or volunteer regularly disinfecting commonly touched surfaces during the course of the day.
  2. Limiting admittance to five customers at a time.
  3. Limiting the number of staff/volunteers in the Co-op at one time to the minimum necessary to ensure smooth operations.
  4. Put up signage regarding best safety practices to be followed by all.
  5. Set-up and installed a new contactless self checkout area with copper virus inhibiting table topping.
  6. Installed plastic screens around the cashier checkout area.
  7. Set-up an online ordering system for curbside orders.
  8. Installed an overnight UV sterilization system over high contact areas (these will be expanded into other areas shortly).
  9. Requiring all staff/volunteers to wear facial coverings in the Co-op which has recently expanded to all customers and staff/volunteers.

FEDCO Group Order 10/22/2020

Hey Folks,

We’ve got an update from Ed on the upcoming FEDCO Group Order. Please find the information below!


By ordering with a group you can benefit by receiving a greater percentage off on your order, having the order delivered to the co-op at no charge, and supporting the co-op by sharing at least 25% (or more if you wish) of the discount with the co-op.

Please pay the whole amount (not the discounted amount) at the co-op for the total of your order before the order deadline listed below. When you pick up your order the amount of the discount plus out of stocks will be returned to you minus 25% that the co-op is asking as a donation.

To place an order go to https://fedcoseeds.com

Group Member Instructions:

First get the group order number below.
Go to the division in which you are building an order, using the links in the page header. Log in using your own email address.
When you review your order prior to checking out, click the “Part of a Group” checkbox. Then go to “Check Out Securely” and type in the group order number where indicated.
If you are prompted to enter a credit card number, stop. Back up. You did not choose “Part of a Group”.
You will receive a confirmation email at the address you used to log in. Until your coordinator finalizes the order, however, Fedco cannot confirm receipt of your order.

The group name is: marsh river co-op
The group numbers are:
seeds:__ not available yet
organic supplies:_ not available yet Potatoes:_____ not available yet

The discount for any fedco division are as follows $100.00 5%off
$300.00 10%off
$600.00 15%off
$1200.00 20%off

Note that the trees sale at the end of April and beginning of May will not occur in 2021.
Also the trees group order will have a $10.00 shipping charge from FEDCO. I will divide this charge up based on the value of the individual orders. If the total for the group is $200.00 and your order is $50.00. You will be charged (50/200) x 10 = $2.50

Order deadline for trees: January 10th at noon.
Order deadline for seeds and organic growers supply: February 10th at noon.
Order deadline for potatoes: March 1st at noon.

Contact Ed Hamel at edfedco@gmail.com with any questions.

Masks Required for Entry, Effective Immeadiatly

Dear Members and Customers,

Due to a significant increase in case counts in our region as well as confirmation of a local outbreak right here in Brooks our revised mask policy will be going into effect immediately. We apologize for any confusion that this might cause but we must protect our staff/volunteers and customers. We thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.


Marsh River Cooperative Board and Management

Updated Mask Requirements for the MRC 10/16/2020

To our valued members and customers;

Effective November 1st the Marsh River Cooperative will no longer be allowing entry for those who are unable/unwilling to wear facial coverings. This timeline may need to be revised as new information becomes available so please monitor our social media if you have any questions. This is due to a various array of reasons including but not limited to;

  1. As we get colder we will no longer be able to keep our doors open to have significant ventilation and air exchange.
  2. Recent updates in CDC guidance regarding aerosol transmission as a potential risk factor for COVID19 transmission. 

We very much wish to continue serving all of the general public and will continue to offer online ordering as well as disposable face masks at the front door free of charge. We may also be able to provide face shields in the near future.

We understand that there may be some that disagree with this decision but we must place the safety and wellness of our staff/volunteers (some of whom are in risk groups) and our customers as our utmost priority. We want them to remain healthy and safe so that the Co-op can continue to serve the community. 

We will be asking for 100% compliance with this policy and those individuals who violate the policy or give our staff/volunteers any trouble regarding it will be asked to leave the Co-op and not return until this policy is lifted. 

We want to thank everyone in advance for their cooperation in making sure that the Co-op stays open and viable. 


Marsh River Cooperative Board and Management