New Items, Soil Amendments and MRT

Hi Folks,

So I’ll try to let you know about a few things that have happened this week as briefly as possible. First for the list of new items we got in the Co-op this week!

  1. Something Sweet Without Wheat Harvest Bread(GF&DF)
  2. De Pumas Frozen Lasagna Sheets (GF)
  3. American Flatbread Pesto & Three Cheese (GF)(Member Request)
  4. American Flatbread Vegan
  5. American Flatbread Revolution (Member Request)
  6. Bulk White Buckwheat Groats (Member Request)
  7. And Mcvities Original Digestives are finally back in stock

The Fedco Seed and OGS order also arrived at the Co-op and with Ed’s help we’ve added a selection of soil amendments to our shelves as well.


And finally a bit of Brooks Event News. If you’d like to learn more about the Marsh River Theater here in town the Board of Directors for the Theater is having a potluck tomorrow night at 5pm at the Varney Building!


Fedco Seeds and OGS are in!

Hi Folks,

Just letting you know that if you were part of our group order here at the Co-op that the items have arrived and are ready to pickup. That also means that the Co-op has also received it’s general seed order as well for retail sale so those will be available by this afternoon. We hope to see you soon!


New Items 03/10/2019

Hey Folks,

It’s time for our weekly list of new things on the shelves. As always let us know what you’d like and we’ll try and get it for you!

We’re slowly going to be adding more reusable container items for those that want them.

  1. Two Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin (Member Request)
  2. Bentology Containers (Member Request)
  3. Dr. Bronner Travel Toothpaste, Mint
  4. Wagatha Dog Biscuits (Organic)
  5. Funny Farm Goat Chedder Mac and Cheese
  6. Kame Plain Rice Crackers (Member Request)
  7. E Guigal Cote Du Rhone 375ml (Member Request)


Reminder: Round-up for the Brooks Fire Team!

The Marsh River Coop here in Brooks is doing a “round up to the nearest dollar” program for the fire department this month since we appreciate so much what the fire team does for us in the community! People have been happy to contribute their extra change and it is adding up!. Come in check out all the new items we have been adding to the shelves at coop, find something you like and Round UP!