Meet Our Local Producers

Local producers (within a 10 mile radius of the Co-op) have the option to become Producer Members.  We are proud to feature products from our current Producer Members, who include:

Common Hill Farm, Jackson

On the Hatch Road in Jackson selling beef, feeder cattle, and forest products including maple syrup since 1980.

Earth Dharma Farm, Jackson

IMG_0512David McDaniel and Heather Selin grow MOFGA-certified organic vegetables, seed garlic, heirloom wheat seed, and wine grapes. Heather also makes Glad Girl jewelry.

Georges Nashan Photography, Brooks

Long Shadow Farm, Morrill

Kim Jacobs Art, Brooks

-1Kim Jacobs, author, illustrator, artist, has lived in Brooks for 17 years.  Best known for her Cobblestone Way calendar, her work has also appeared on greeting cards, puzzles, prints, books, and other gift and stationery products.  They have sold in the millions around the world.  She is currently working on her second children’s book.

Maidinthewoods, Jackson

isc_90x90.3822979408_3tl6I love to create with nature as my inspiration and teacher and I experiment with whatever I can find around me. I have been a seamstress most of my life; my metal work/wire work along with my fabric and fiber creations reflect a love of the great outdoors.  Doreen Dickson,

Mulberry Marsh Designs, Jackson

Ralph’s Cafe, Brooks

Royal View Farm, Brooks

Singing Nettle Farm, Brooks

Lauren Bill Matt & Ri smallA certified organic, horse-powered, off-grid farmstead, Singing Nettle offers fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs, dried herbal tea blends, perennial nursery stock, annual seedlings, and permaculture design services.  They deliver CSA shares to the Marsh River Co-op on Wednesdays, from June – October.

Skyscraper Hill Farm, Brooks

Stantial Brook Farm, Brooks

Offering a variety of house plants, seedlings, veggie starts, bedding plants, perennials, and eggs

Stone Fox Farm Creamery, Monroe

Sunny Side Farm, Brooks

Sunny Side farm started as the dream of an 8 year old boy who wanted goats and his mom who had grown up on a local dairy farm in Brooks.  Since beginning, we have raised, goats, cows, pigs, ducks, and chickens. Currently we furnish the Co-op with pork grown at the farm and farm-fresh eggs collected by Jacob and Lisa Archer on Mill Lane in Brooks. Our goal is to produce quality food for ourselves and our neighbors.

Teltane Farm, Monroe

The Warm Hand, Brooks

One thought on “Meet Our Local Producers

  1. Please include the following on the list producer members.
    Common Hill Farm. On the Hatch Road in Jackson selling beef, feeder cattle, and forest products including maple syrup since 1980.


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