New Items 09-14-2019

Hey Everyone,

So we have a few new items this week to tell you about so let’s get right to it!

  1. Bulk Spectrum Red Wine Vinegar (Customer Request)(Organic)
  2. Bulk Guajillo Chilies (Customer Request)
  3. Lan Chi Chili Paste w/ Garlic
  4. Farm House Chocolate 70% w/ Sea Salt (Org, Fair Trade, Soy Free, Vegan)
  5. Farm House Chocolate 70% w/ Hazelnuts (Org, Fair Trade, Vegan, Soy Free)
  6. Maggies Organics Ragg Wool Socks
  7. Maggies Organics Footie Cloud Socks
  8. Maggies Organics Basic Legging, Medium

We’d also like to welcome Heritage Home Farm (Appleton) products to our shelves. They are doing certified organic lamb and we are going to try their shanks, chops and ground and see how we do.


Upcoming Round Up Recipient

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that our next recipient for our Round-up at the register program (where you donate your change up to the next dollar amount) will be the Waldo County Woodshed! Please find the brief blurb below regarding what they do in this region;

“Waldo County Woodshed is a volunteer run non-profit group that works to provide free firewood for people in need in the Waldo County, Maine area”

So please remind us at the register so that you generous donations can go to a great cause!

The last recipient the Marsh River Theatre here in Brooks received $127.23 so let’s see if we can beat that!


New Fall Produce 09-08-2019

Hey Folks,

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder but that means we’ve acquired some wonderful fall produce!

One of our members was kind enough to go over and pick some Elwell Organic Orchard Peaches for us so now everyone can enjoy them!

And one of our farms, Stubborn Ox, right here in Brooks has delivered Watermelons and Cantaloupe!


New Items 08-30-2019

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the intermittent posts but some of you may know that my phone is on hiatus and it is making it a tad difficult to get these posts out on schedule. That being said now on to the list of new stuff in the Co-op!

  1. Nuco Original Coconut Wraps (Org)(Customer Request)
  2. Garofalo Spaghetti (Member Request)
  3. Maine Coast Hemp CBD Massage Oil (Member Request)
  4. Maggie’s Organics Adult Tie Dye Socks
  5. Super Papaya Enzyme To Go Rolls
  6. TheraZinc Elderberry Tabs
  7. Natures Choice Valerian Root Extract
  8. Thompsons Turmeric Capsules
  9. Thompsons Chewable Vitamin C
  10. Boiron Arnica Tablets
  11. Boiron Calendula Gel
  12. Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  13. Natrol Glucosamine Tablets

We’ve been working on the wellness/healthcare side of things and some of you have provided us with requests for stuff we could  carry so please let us know if we are missing anything!

In other news we’d also like to welcome back to our shelves Tide Mill Chicken(Not pictured). We are still working out some of the details but we are hoping to keep a regular supply from here on out. We apologize for the gap in availability.



New Items & Crafter 08/16/2019

Hey Folks,

Just a few new items this week but first we’d like to welcome a new crafter to our shelves Bee Balm & Nettle. She will be doing scrubs, bath teas and a sipping tea. So if that sounds like your cup of tea come on in and grab some!

And now on to the new things;

  1. Green Bee Lemon Sparkeling Water (Brunswick)
  2. Kountry Kettle Nothing But Fruit Blackberry (Smyrna)
  3. Knudsen Cranberry Nectar (Non-GMO)
  4. Tiamo Organic Rose Can (Italy)


New Items In Healthcare/Supplements?

Hey Everyone,So we moved the furniture a bit again (we seem to do that a lot here) and we’ve managed to free up some space in the Healthcare/Supplements section and we’d very much like to hear from you what you would like to see fill that space! We currently have access to items from Frontier Co-op and several other smaller vendors but we’d really like to stock what you would like to see when you come in. So drop us a note at, call at (207) 722-3053 or stop on in and chat with us. We can’t make any promises but we’d love to make the effort and we’d love to hear from you!Also pictured is our smaller selection of organic cotton socks because who doesn’t need socks.