Little Lards Tarts

Hi Folks,

We know we’ve been a little light on pastries recently and while these can’t compare to the items from Ralph’s we figured we’d these a trial run. If you like them we’ll keep carrying them so let us know!

Produce is back!

Hi Folks,

We apologize that our produce shelves have been so bare recently, events conspired against us (winter time will do that). Mckay Farm was providing us with greens for a bit but they had a high tunnel collapse in the last big snow and were unable to provide after that. We’ve sourced some Romaine heads from Crown of Maine and we’ve hooked back up with North Branch Farm in Monroe for some storage crops so hopefully there will be a better supply on going. In other news we now have all the ingredients for boiled dinner except the corn beef(though if anyone knows where we can get some local drop us a line)!

Now open 7 days a week!

Hi Folks,

We are pleased to announce that we have now added a Tuesday shift so now we are open 7 days a week! We will be open on Tuesdays from 2:00pm to 6:00pm starting next Tuesday the 16th. We are able to do this due to the graciousness of one of members who took it on as a volunteer shift so make sure to stop in and say hi!

New Items 11/11/2018

Hi Folks,

We’ve been a bit remiss in letting you know what we have for new items in the store. We have slowed down the adding of new items now that we are in winter time though we’ll continue to add new items as we can. If there is something you are looking for please stop in and let us know!

Wasa Light Rye Crackers – Member Requested

Vermont Biscuits All Natural Dog Biscuits

Guinness Extra Stout 6 Pack – Member Requested

Underwood Pinot Noir (Not sure about the format but it looked great for on the road or camping)