Annual Meeting Nov 14th 5pm and Board Recruitment

Hey Everyone,

We’re popping out a quick note so folks can save the date for our upcoming Annual Meeting November 14th at 5pm. The Annual Meeting will be happening over Zoom so if you’d like to attend please email or stop in the Co-op and ask at the register and you’ll be added to our list to send the link out when it is available.

We are continuing to recruit new board members as well, we encourage anyone that might be interested to reach out to or stop into the Co-op. We are currently looking like we’ll have between 5-6 seats filled but we could have up to 9 individuals to help spread out the workload for the rest of the individuals and staff members. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has worked hard either by being on the board, working with committee’s or generally volunteering around the Co-op!

And thanks to our wonderful art department who put together this cut out right at our door! I keep thinking I have someone in here when I’m working at night…..

New Board Members/Volunteers Needed!

Hey Everyone,

We are starting to plan for our upcoming Annual Meeting and we are reaching out to our community to see if we can recruit some new board members/volunteers to help with the day to day operations and steering of the Co-op!

The board is currently performing all of it’s duties through email or through a once monthly Zoom meeting (there are other committee meetings throughout the month) so if you have any interest and you’d like to check out a board meeting our next one is scheduled for October 12th at 6:30pm. If you’d like to attend please reach out to to receive an invitation or if you have any questions. Follow the link below if you’d like to see what our board requirements are.

MRC Board Expectations

We’d love to have some new faces in our meetings. We have some very dedicated folks on our board right now but we are always looking for ways to improve our processes and the state of the Co-op. We’d also like to take this opportunity to offer our gratitude to our current and former board members for their hard work and time which has made it possible for this little Co-op in Brooks to continue to grow!

Co-op Volunteer and Item Request and New Items List

Hey Folks,

It’s time for a new item list as well as we are looking for a few things for the Co-op so we figured we’d put them out to the universe;

  1. We are looking for someone to meet one of our deliveries at the Belfast Co-op Parking lot on Fridays between 9:30am-10am typically. Our regular volunteer is unable to do it after the end of the month so we thought we’d ask.
  2. We are also looking for a new vacuum cleaner and stereo (or cd player only) for the Co-op. Both of ours have gotten to the point where they are giving us trouble so if anyone has any used ones they are willing to offload we would greatly appreciate it.

If you are able to help with either of these items please reach out to!

And without further adieu please find our new item list below!

  1. Seek No Further Chevre (Monroe)
  2. Frogwater Designs Cards (IN Crafts)
  3. La Maison Ferre Cidre
  4. Corvezzo Prosecco (Org, Vegan)
  5. Corvezzo Pinot Grigio (Org, Vegan)
  6. Cono Sur Pinot Noir (Organic)
  7. Flying Embers Black Cherry (Org)
  8. Flying Embers Pineapple Chilli (Org)
  9. Flying Embers Grapefruit (Org)
  10. Flying Embers Watermelon (Org)
  11. Vista Alegre Ruby Porto
  12. Ein Liter Rhodt
  13. Farm House Roasters Guatemala Dark
  14. Northspore Chaga Tincture (Westbrook)(Member Request)
  15. Northspore Lions Main Tincture (Westbrook)(Member Request)
  16. Ginger People Ginger Juice (Member Request) (Org)
  17. Teddie Chunky PB (Member Request)
  18. Leksands Swedish Cripsbread (Customer Request)
  19. Mt Vikos Eggplant Spread (Non-GMO, Vegan, GF)
  20. Everearth Cabernet (Sustainable)
  21. De Martino Carmenere
  22. Farm House Costa Rica
  23. Earth Science Conditioner
  24. Grandy Oats Coffee Crunch (Maine, Customer Request)
  25. Green Heights Whole Milk Powder (Customer Request)
  26. Effie’s Corn Cakes (Customer Request)
  27. Native Coconut Cream (Member Request, Org)
  28. DryFly Moscow Mule
  29. Dry Fly Bloody Mary
  30. El Jefe Rose
  31. Underwood Bubbles, Can
  32. Hosta Jill Gochu Curry Kraut
  33. Hosta Hill Hot Sauce
  34. Funky Bow G-String IPA (Member Request)
  35. DragonFly Winery Blueberry Bliss (Stetson)
  36. Sophie Savignon Blanc
  37. Seek No Further Caramel Sauce
  38. Bulk Maine Maple Sugar
  39. SweetLeaf Stevia Packets
  40. Woodland Pointer IPA (Non Alcoholic, Member Request)
  41. Bixby Dark Choc Cashew Blueberry Bar (Maine)
  42. La Vje En Rose
  43. Picpoul De Pinet
  44. Stone Fox Lemon Ice Cream
  45. Sky Valley Korean BBQ Sauce (Org, Member Request)
  46. Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (Large Size)
  47. Mediterranean Org Roasted Red Peppers (Org)

Night Moves Update

Hey Everone,

We wanted to let you know that we’ve received a missive from Night Moves that they will no longer be delivering to our location for the foreseeable future until they can increase capacity. This is truly unfortunate but we understand the difficulties of running a small business so we wish them the best and we hope to see them again in the near future. In light of this change we’d love to hear from folks about any other bakeries you think we should reach out to, please let us know in the comments!