New Items 01/05/2020 and telephones are working again!

Hey Folks,

We haven’t posted in a while the new stuff that we have in the Co-op because we were sending out posts for the Crafters but we’ve still been adding new items as folks let us know what they’d like to see on the shelves. In other news our phone lines are working again and we wanted to apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused folks.

And now on to the new stuff!


  1. Zensa Primativo (Organic)(Customer Request)
  2. La Fortuna Pinot Noir (Organic)
  3. Perlage Merlot (Organic)
  4. Le Grod Moscato D’Asti (Organic)(Customers have been requesting a sweet wine)
  5. Funky Bow Midnight Special (Member Request)(Maine)

Food and other stuff;

  1. Repack Green Split Peas (Member Request)
  2. Yellow Split Peas (Organic)(Member Request)
  3. Repack Maine Grains Cracked Oats (Organic)(Customer Request)(Maine)
  4. Candy Tree Black Licorice (Organic)
  5. Karmalize Sesame Seeds (Organic) (Member Request)
  6. Bulk Frontier Minced Garlic (Organic)
  7. Eco Me Foaming Hand Soap (Member Request)
  8. Equal x Milk Choc Caramel (ordered by accident but we thought it might be nice to have)

Not pictured but we’ve also been working with our friends from Mad Batter over in Unity to bring local bagels back to our shelves! So come on in and try a bag and please do provide us with feedback so we can strive to bring you an excellent new product.



Telephone is Currently Not Working

Hey Folks,

Just a quick note out to let you know that our telephone line appears to be down (internet access is still functional). We have a trouble ticket in and will update you as soon as we are able. If you need immediate assistance please email and we will respond as quickly as we are able. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,

Marsh River Cooperative

Spotlight on Crafters: Other and Brand New

Hey Folks,

So we just have a few more crafters for us to cover and they don’t quite fit into any specific category that we have. We also want to welcome a set of brand new crafters here in the Co-op. We just put their stuff out this afternoon!

First up is Bret’s Garden Statues from right over in Jackson. You can also find him at the outdoor market in Belfast in the Summer. He’s been with us for a while and his concrete creations are always fun!

And then we have Wendy’s Wax creations. She has a wide selection of scent and colored candles in a bunch of different style containers as well as scented wax for warmers as well!


We have some new additions too our shelves. Seasonally we sometimes manage to get our hands on a few sheepskins from John & Nancy and we just got our in last week!


And then we have brand new crafters to welcome to the Co-op. We now have Wiseacre Farm & Arts metalwork and felt creations (Palermo). From nails to candlesticks and a bunch of small felted creations they have quite the selection. They even brought in Wreaths for those that are looking for them!


Spotlight on Crafters: Fiberfolk

Hey Everyone,

For the next spotlight we’ll be looking at our fiberfolk. As many of you know we have a strong fiber community in our area and there are a lot of events surrounding the subject. We even have a fiber folk gathering at the Co-op every two weeks (we had 14 people come last week). So with no further adeiu lets take a look at the folks we have at the Co-op!

First up we have Rose Marie from Jackson who makes her spa cloths (she also does the watercolor artwork). Which are available as singles or as a 4 pack.

Then we have Blue Star Alpaca (Marty) who has blended alpaca yarns in many different colors (including a holiday based thread).

Then we have a bunch of Sewn items from Sew Happy Designs. Cozy bowls, aprons and some owls left!

We also have skeins of yarn from Womerlippi farm and a few more from Tramps Rest.

Next up we have a new addition to our shelves. Printed on Organic Cotton we have napkins and table runners from Hearth and Harrow!

And last up is the Felt Bird ornaments from Louise. We already did these items but they also fall under fiber arts so we figured we’d inlude them!

Spotlight on Crafters: Personal Care

Hey Folks,

It’s time to put the spotlight on the personal care craft products that we have in the Co-op!

First up is Bee Balm & Nettle (Sadie, Waldo) who does Herbal Bath Teas, Shower Scrubs and a tea for drinking as well. She grows and collects most of her own ingredients too. If you’d like more info check out her instagram 


Then we have Ancestral French Soaps (Nancy, Monroe) who makes a whole bunch of varieties of soaps, regular soap, dish soap, hair soap, beard soap and a general purpose soap. She uses 100% organic cold pressed olive oil for all her recipes. You can also find her at the United Farmers market in Belfast or follow the link for more info.

Ancestral French Soaps


Then we have Backyard Family Farmers (Brian & Nina, Dixmont) who make a whole selection of items. From lip balm to shower steamers, salves and sprays and a few more things even!


Then we have Motherwort Farm over in Swanville. She uses MOFGA certified ingredients to make Teas (Postpartum & Regular) as well as Tinctures and Salves!





Milestone Reached! $300,000 in Co-op Sales this year!

Hey Everyone,

In between sending out the crafter spotlights we thought you’d like to know that we passed the $300,000 in sales mark yesterday afternoon! Everyone has worked hard this last year to continue on the path to full sustainability. Many of you may know were not entirely there yet but we are closer than we were and we are always looking for good ideas and help.

We need to give a big shout out to all our loyal volunteers who do anything from cleaning the Co-op, staffing the register, sitting on our board, going and picking up deliveries and even going and getting new equipment.

We also need to give a huge thanks to our staff who have worked hard this year to make the Co-op a welcoming and friendly place. They work hard doing day to day tasks like receiving, staffing the register, restock and numerous other tasks.

And last but not least our loyal members and customers that have made us a part of their regular day. Without your continued support and purchases we would not be on the path forward.

So thanks again to everyone in the community for continuing to support us as we grow and strive for sustainability!


Spotlight on Crafters: Jewelry

Hi Folks,

For our next spotlight for the month of December we are going to look at our local jewelry makers!

First up is Louise Shorette from Jackson (she also does the felt birds from a previous post). She makes earings under her Oh My Goddess! label.

And then we have Heather Selin from Jackson who makes earings under her Glad Girl brand!

And finally we have items from Doreen Dickson (Maid In the Woods) also from Jackson…. apparently Jackson is the home of all our jewelry makers!

She makes earings, necklaces, bracelets, key ring scented fobs and several other small items. She also makes yoga cushions! If you want to see more examples of her work Check out either her website or Etsy site with the links below.

Maid In The Woods Website

Maid In the Woods Etsy Store