Avena Botanicals 06/15/2022

Hi Everyone,

We are looking to expand our personal care selection to have a selection of items from Avena Botanicals in Rockland. We are reaching out to our members & customers to see if there are any specific items from Avena you would like to see us carry! Please feel free to leave items in the comments or email marshrivercooperative@gmail.com with your suggestions/requests(or let us know at the register). One of our first priorities as a Co-op is to try and provide the items you’d like to see!

New Summer Hours Effective June 3rd

Hi Folks,

Over the last few years we haven’t really changed our hours in summer time with everything that was going on. As many of you know electricity costs went up quite a bit(about 40% increase for us) at the beginning of the year so we are looking at expanding our hours this year for the summer to help offset some of those additional costs. Effective June 3rd we will be staying open later on Friday and Saturday until 7pm(coffee service will be broken down at 6pm to streamline closing). We’ve also love to hear from you in the comments on whether there are other days and times you’d like us to be open a bit more. We can’t make any promises but we’d love to hear from you!