New Items In Healthcare/Supplements?

Hey Everyone,So we moved the furniture a bit again (we seem to do that a lot here) and we’ve managed to free up some space in the Healthcare/Supplements section and we’d very much like to hear from you what you would like to see fill that space! We currently have access to items from Frontier Co-op and several other smaller vendors but we’d really like to stock what you would like to see when you come in. So drop us a note at, call at (207) 722-3053 or stop on in and chat with us. We can’t make any promises but we’d love to make the effort and we’d love to hear from you!Also pictured is our smaller selection of organic cotton socks because who doesn’t need socks.

New Items& Back In Stocks from Ralphs

Hey Folks,

So we have a few new items and some back in stocks to let you know about. For this week we have new;

  1. Bionaturae Sour Cherry Nectar (Organic)
  2. Equal Exchange Mint Dark Choc (Organic) (Customer Request)
  3. Peak Organic Day Drink Rose Blend (Org, Portland)(Customer Request)
  4. Peak Sweet Tarts Blueberry (Org, Portland)(Customer Request)
  5. Deland Hotdog Buns (Member Request)

We also have back in stock;

  1. Ralphs Cafe Granola in Bulk
  2. Ralphs Cafe Salsa (Mild & Medium)
  3. Overland Ribeye Grassfed Steaks (Unity)
  4. Overland Grassfed Sirloin Strip Steaks (Unity)


Half Hitch Flowers, Common Ground Tickets and Fedco Order Reminder and other Co-op Updates

Hey Folks,

Just popping out a quick note to welcome Half Hitch Flowers to the Co-op! Also, we have several reminders and updates for everyone below;

  1. Friendly reminder that all Fedco Bulb/Seed/OGS Group orders are due into the Co-op by August 14th at noon so we have enough time to process them and get them entered
  2. We now have Common Ground Fair Tickets/Posters on sale at the Co-op so if you want to make sure you get yours come on in and get yours!
  3. Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unfortunately losing the display freezer in the next few days. We have moved the ice cream into the smaller freezer in the frozen/chilled section for now and the board is currently discussing the next plan of action.