MRC Milestone

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to pass along that with three days to spare your Marsh River Cooperative has passed $250,000 in sales this year! This is 45% growth over last year! We need to thank everyone that have worked so hard to ensure that the Co-op grows and gets stronger every year.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who do so many different tasks in the Co-op. From our board members to store staffing, going and picking up products, facilities help and all sorts of other tasks!

Thank you to our members for continuing to support the Co-op by joining with equity and annual payment as well as including us in your regular shopping trips. A lot of our members are also volunteers so they do double duty!

Thank you to our vendors, many of whom are small local business as the Co-op works out the details of ordering and operating!

Thank to all of our customers and community members who have supported the Co-op through their purchases and ideas!

And thank you to our dedicated staff who have worked hard to make the Co-op succeed!

If we missed anyone we want to say thanks!

MRC Sign

Happy Holidays from the MRC

Hi Folks,

So we wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday and to let you know we will be open all day today.  We will be closed tomorrow and reopening as usual for Wednesday. For anyone who still needs some last minute items we’d be happy to help. We have libations, local crafts/jewelry and wonderful food that would make great gifts. We even have some Christmas trees left if you are still in need. So if you do need to go out today feel free to stop by!

Raffle Winner and New Items

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the winner of our basket raffle is Suzanne Hall! Thank you to everyone who participated. We also want to take this opportunity to thank Backyard Family Farmer for their generous donation of the basket to the Co-op! Come on in and check out their stuff, we have a few more hours before the big holiday.

We haven’t done a list of new items for a little bit because we sent out daily craft emails and we didn’t want to overwhelm anyone but that doesn’t mean we stopped adding. Now on to the list.

  1. Woodstock Frozen Okra (Member Request)
  2. Bahner Farm Produce (Org) – Salad Mix, Micro Greens, Pea Shoots. We’ll keep the local greens coming as long as they are available
  3. Fentiman Botanical Tonic Water
  4. Tolenus Cantina Numa (Org)
  5. Broadbent Madeira (Org)
  6. Santa Ines Carmenere (Org)
  7. Cellar Door Perfect Stranger (Customer Request)
  8. Maine Craft Brewing Rum & Ginger Mule (Member Request)
  9. Lake St George Limited Run Belgian Quadruple aged in Tequila Barrels
  10. Innis & Gunn Scotch Ale (Customer Request)

We’ve also restocked items from Apple Bottom Beef in Jackson. We now have the ground and shaved steak back!


Spotlight on Crafters: Statuary & Others

Hi Folks,

I believe this will be our last post for the Crafters prior to the holiday. If however we missed any crafters please make sure to drop us a line so we can rectify it ASAP. I’m always surprised when I look at the total number of small crafters and vendors we have.

First up for today is Cindy and Gourdaments. She has a wonderful selection of holiday themed ornaments made from dried gourds and then hand painted. If you prefer some themed for a different holiday she also does gourds for Halloween and other smaller holidays!


Next up is concrete statuary from Bret Lowe over in Jackson. You can also find him at the Belfast Farmers Market during the summer. He does a wide selection of items from bird baths, Buddhas, gargoyles, dragons and even a giant cactus!

If you’d prefer to gift something that is alive we also have house plants brought in by our own Izzy Mckay who not only volunteers in the Co-op but is our understanding landlord. She usually brings in a wide selection of smaller and larger house plants to pick from. Also pictured in the background is Lesia’s painting which used to hang in the produce section of the Belfast Co-op, not for sale but I thought it was neat.


And last but not least we have some blown glass done by two local artists. The items on the left are done by Mark Soisson (Bis from Applebottom Beefs son) and we have a few other small selections from another young lady.


Well that’s it for now. Sorry for the delay emails but we wanted to introduce you to all of our wonderful crafters!

Spotlight on Crafters: Personal Care

Hi Everyone,

For today’s spotlight we’ll be looking our our personal care items that are made by our local crafters.

First up we have Backyard Family Farmer, Brian and Nina from Dixmont. They were kind enough to put together the raffle basket for the Co-op and they are currently running a sale of 1/2 off your second item of lesser value. They do soaps, travel soaps, shower steamers, sprays and lip balm.


Also pictured above are items from Ancestral French Soaps, Nancy from Monroe. She makes really nice soaps using a very old recipe and the best ingredients she can find. She makes hair soaps, regular soaps, pet soap, delicate wash soaps and a few other varieties. You can also find her stuff at her stall at the United Farmers market!

We also have items from Knotty Goat, Shea from Winterport, on our shelves as well. We have some of her regular soaps, soap rollers, beard oil and a few scrubs.

Pictured below are items we have from Motherwort Farm in Swanville. She does Teas and Tinctures and a few other items. She is fairly new to us but we are glad to have her aboard!


Moving a bit away from cleanliness and tinctures we have candles and a few other items from Lally Broch Farm in Frankfort. They do scented soy tarts that you place over a warmer and a few other items like beeswax wraps to go over leftovers.


And then we have Wendy’s Wax, which are scented candles in a bunch of different scents and formats!



Spotlight on Crafters: Fiber

Hi Everyone,

So today’s spotlight is going to be on our fiber folk, of which we have a few.

First up is Mulberry Marsh Designs and Meredith Tomayan with her mom’s fiber mice. Apparently she has been making them for a very long time. We had a random lady stop in last year and be super surprised we had them because she had them as a kid.


Next up is It’s All About The Yarn by Rani Howe of Skyscraper Farm (they also do our organic Christmas trees). They’ve also hosted the Tea parties a few times for Ralph’s Cafe Benefits. She makes smaller hand spun merino&alpaca blend draw string bags.


And then we have aprons and other fabric creations from Sew Happy or Gail Croply. She’s been with us for a long time and we always sell a few aprons every holiday season!


Next up is Rosemarie Dilernia again(she does our watercolor bookmarks as well) with her new addition to the Co-Op. She brought in hand knit spa cloths with soap which would make a nice addition to any gift basket.


We also have some hand knit hats by Jo Cooley for when we have those really cold days.


We also offer fiber items that you could purchase and make something of your own. We have a few different yarns on the shelf, fabric ends and even a few sheepskins.

If I missed anyone I am terribly sorry. Reach out to us and I’ll make sure you get posted!

Spotlight on Crafters: Stationary

Hi Everyone,

So next up on the list is our group of crafters that fit into the stationary category.

Let’s start with our own Kim Jacobs, Board President and store volunteer. She was one of our founding members and has put in a lot of hours to make sure the Co-op prospers. She does puzzles, cards, calendars, note cards and many other kinds of art formats!


Next up is Mulberry Marsh Designs, our own Meredith Toumayan, former board member and head of our craft committee. She also does our spinners night every other Friday night at the Co-Op(if you are interested in joining stop by the Co-op and we can get you on the mailing list). Right now she has cards at the Co-op but she used to have some fiber items as well!


Also picture above are bird prints from Laura Zamfirescu from Monroe who also does cards and calendars!


And then we have Rosemarie Dilernia who is a more recent addition to our selections. She does lovely watercolor bookmarks which are frame or mounting worthy. She just added a new fabric item to the Co-op as well but we’ll showcase that when we do the fiber folk!