Wildflowers GF Bakery Available!

Hey Folks,

We are just popping out a quick note that we have just added products from Wildflowers Gluten Free Bakery in Brunswick. We now have fresh baked GF items on our shelves again! This includes, breads, sandwich rolls, muffins, whoopie pies and a few other items. We’ll be updating inventory depending on demand so come on in and get some!


Co-op Updates & New Items

Hey Everyone,

While that is quite the change in weather we just had. Nice to have some sun shining for a bit. We have a few store operations updates below as well as our new item list for this week!

Store Updates

  1. As of  Wednesday May 27th we will be reopening the Co-op back to our normal hours. We will be open Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm and then Sunday 10am – 5pm. We will continue to reserve the first half hour for at risk populations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our flexible and dedicated volunteers who have agreed to come in later to do a deep clean on the Co-op at night!
  2. Now that it is nice out we have added a few tables to our front porch for folks. Please continue to following the guidelines on keeping your distance from people not in your immediate family group.
  3. We have upgraded our internet service as well as updated the wireless equipment for the Co-op. We were hoping to have this done sooner but we ran into some snags getting it working properly. In theory we now have a 1500sq ft wifi hotspot now at the Co-op so as we continue to keep our distance from folks you are welcome to use the wifi here to stay connected or do school work. We ask that you use the wifi appropriately so we don’t need to put locks on it in future, if we all share and use it wisely we can all keep connected. Our wireless information is as follows;
    1. Wifi: Marsh River Public
    2. Password: marshriver
  4. We are starting to install foot door pulls on the walkin doors.

And now on to new items!

  1. Cobscook Scallops, 8oz Frozen
  2. Farm House Nitro Coffee Can (Winterport, Organic)
  3. Natval Red Kidney Beans (Organic)(Sub for Eden)
  4. Balfour Bloomfield (Organic)(Sub for Marcy)
  5. Dr. Bronner Coconut Oil, 14oz (been having a hard time getting the large ones)
  6. Once Again Creamy Peanut Butter(Organic)
  7. Timeless Golden Lentils (Organic)
  8. Aqua Vitea Blue Bernie Kombucha now on tap (Replaced Elderberry)




Love Flowers? Volunteer Needed!

Would you be interested in taking a turn as the “Flower Volunteer” at the coop for a season? – Planting and if possible helping maintain the flower boxes outside the coop through the summer and fall which helps keep the face of the coop beautiful, appealing and welcoming?  A budget for plants is available. If you have a flower business, this could be a good promotion for you. Or if you just love to garden and appreciate having flowers blooming at the coop your help would be of great value.
For more info, please contact Kim at zephyrhill@fairpoint.net or at 722-3139   Thanks!
PS: Volunteer discount on shopping possible.

New Items, Including Fiddleheads! 05/16/2020

Hey Everyone,

It’s time to do our weekly blast of the new items we have in the Co-op. The item that really shines this week are the local foraged fiddlesheads we just got in! They probably need a little bit of extra cleaning but we’re selling them at $3.49/lb so totally worth it. We only have these for a little while so if you want a taste of spring come on in and get them!

And now for the list of new items this week. A lot of these are substitutions to try and cover some of the items we’ve had a hard time getting…

  1. Woobambo Toothbrush, Adult Medium (Member Request)
  2. Mega Food Vegan B12 (Member Request)
  3. Vermont Smike Pepperoni
  4. La Preferida Mild Notcho Slices (Organic)
  5. La preferida Hot Notcho Slices
  6. Garofalo Orzo
  7. Lundberg Jasmine Rice, 2lb
  8. Lundberg Long Grain White Rice, 2lb (Organic)
  9. King Soba Black Rice Ramen (Organic)
  10. Organic Valley Ghee (Organic)
  11. Koyo Asian Vegetable Ramen