FEDCO Seed Order Update 01-14-2021

Hey Everyone,

We received notification from Ed this afternoon that FEDCO is getting buried with orders and has temporarily suspended ordering until this weekend to catch up. We are concerned there will be out-of-stock issues so we are moving up the timeline for the group order to have all orders placed by this Sunday at Noon time. Ed will do another group order with the original timeline to close on February 10th at Noon but there is a risk of additional out of stocks. If anyone has any questions please let us know,

Marsh River Cooperative

New Items and Updates 01/13/2021

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a bit since we sent out a missive with all the new items we’ve acquired for the Co-op. We wanted to make sure we gave our crafters the whole spotlight in December! In the month of December we sold just under $3,000 of locally made crafts which we are super happy about.

If you’ve been in the Co-op recently you may have noticed we’ve made some changes (we do this a lot…) but thanks to the efforts of our board and staff we are preparing for the coming year by expanding our available sales space to have more room for products. We received a generous donation from one of our members which enabled us to purchase a new display freezer (we need more of these for sure) allowing us to add a few more frozen products to our shelves. Thanks to the hard work of one of members we were able to take a table that was languishing in our basement and turn it into a wonderful display/service stand for our bulk products! We continue to move things around and add more shelving so always remember if there is something you are looking for let us know and we’ll try and find it for you (Active Members get priority).

And now on to the list of new stuff!

  1. Chase Stream Crushed Tomatoes (From organic tom, Monroe)
  2. Chase Stream Strawberry Jam (From organic strawberries, Monroe)
  3. Chase Stream Strawberry Sauce (From organic strawberries, Monroe)
  4. The Good Crust Pizza Dough (Made with 100% Maine Grains, Skowhegan)
  5. Nubik Ranch 12oz Maple Syrup
  6. Mulberry Marsh Hats and Mittens
  7. Tide Mill Chicken Chorizo Sausage (Organic)
  8. Common Wealth Poultry Thighs
  9. Maggie’s Org Eggplant Socks
  10. Simply Orange (340ml)
  11. Bulk Anise Seed (Organic)
  12. Bulk Rumford Baking Powder (Non-GMO, Non-Aluminum)
  13. Mariluna Tinto (Organic)
  14. Casa Portuguesa
  15. Mariluna Blanco (Organic)
  16. Ms Andersons Round Cake Pan 9″
  17. Pasion De Bobal Tinto (Organic)

Spotlight on Crafters – Other

Hey Everyone,

We’re going to use this post as a bit of a catch all for those folks that we might have missed or don’t fit quite in any of our other categories.

First up we have some metal work from Wiseacre Farm in Palermo (Tim & Kristen).

Then we have a bunch of items from Wendy’s Wax (Wendy from Jackson) including various formats of scented candles and wax to by placed on top of warmers. Just this year she started creating wooden flower centerpieces and wall art decor as well!

We have a whole display of items from Slate Craft Studio (Nora from Bucksport) for you to choose from!

We also have a few wood creations from The Carpenters Workshop (You can also find them at the United Farmers Market) including rolling pins and cribbage boards.

And finally back in stock we have tea towels and napkins from Hearth and Harrow!

Hopefully we didn’t miss anybody but if we did don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can make sure you get posted!

Spotlight on Crafters – Jewelry

Hey Everyone,

For today’s spotlight we are going to be doing our local Jewelry artists.

First up is Maid In The Woods (Doreen from Jackson). She’s been with us since almost the beginning and she makes wonderful items!

Then we have Glad Girl Earrings from Heather in Jackson. She’s been on our floor for a few years and she is one of our former board members!

We also have items from Oh My Goddess! (Louise from Jackson, also a former board member!)

And then we have items from Viking Girl Designs (Shawna from Jackson, Jeez we need to branch out….) She does necklaces, pressed leaves and several other items as well!