Spotlight on Crafters – Fiber Artists

Hey Everyone,

Next up on our spotlight on our local crafters is our fiber folks. We have a few of our local folks to look at this year!

First up is Mulberry Marsh (Meredith, Jackson)(her stuff can also sometimes be found d at the United Farmers Market) who has wonderful felted sheep. She also brings in the hand made mice(the detail is amazing) from the Mice Workshop which have been made by the same person for 60 years!

Then we have had knit Spa Cloths from Rose Marie which can be used for so many different things!

Up next are items from Sew Happy (Gail) including fun aprons, cozy bowls and several other sewn wonders!

If you are looking for local yarn as well we have skeins of wool  from Blue Star (Marty) that is alpaca blend and from Tramps Rest (Charles)!

Rejoice! Fedco has finally opened seeds for online ordering.

Hey Everyone,

It’s that time of year again where we start getting ready for our planting season. Ed Hamel is continuing to run our FEDCO group order and please find our group numbers below along with the deadlines. Any questions just give us a shout!

The group order numbers

seeds:__ 990050

trees:_______________490015 The tree order is now at the 5% discount.

organic supplies:______390031


Order deadline for trees: January 10th at noon.

Order deadline for seeds and organic growers supply: February 10th at noon.

Order deadline for potatoes: March 1st at noon.

Spot Light on Crafters – Ornaments

Hey Everyone,

It’s that time of year where we try and take a moment to put a spot light on the wonderful crafters we have in the Co-op! We are very lucking that our region has so many fine crafters that make some amazing products.

First up for this year is our ornament selection;

We have Gourdaments made by Cindy up in Jackson. She takes dried gourds and paints them and make lovely ornaments for all seasons!

Next up is these hand felted birds made by Louise who also lives up in Jackson (You’ll notice a lot of our crafters are in Jackson).