New Turkey Products

Marsh River Co-op is pleased to now carry turkey products from Pine Tree Poultry in New Sharon, ME. We are currently stocking,

Whole Turkeys

Ground Turkey Products (Chorizo, Sweet Sausage)

Turkey Empanadas

Turkey Pies

Info from there website regarding there Turkey Practices

“We raise our animals in a healthy sustainable manner.  They are all free range, they are not kept in cages, but are kept in large air barns and pastured.  We are a conventional farm and do not use antibiotics or hormones and feed an all vegetarian grain.

All of our poultry is raised from day old at the farm, cared for daily by one of our family members, and processed in an on farm facility to ensure the highest quality of care.  Processing on farm reduces the stress on the bird and also allows us to be sure that our poultry is given the utmost care in the final moments.

Our value added products are made in our own kitchen, we mix our own ingredients to have complete control over what goes into our products and to offer our customers a consistent safe food.”

If you have any questions regarding the new products please feel free to stop in and speak to Matthew.

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