Vegetable & Fruit Growers’ Meeting Feb 16

MRC_FruitVegMtg_2016Marsh River Co-op Incorporators, Producer Members and Other Interested Vegetable and Fruit Growers:

Please join us at the Marsh River Co-op on Tuesday, Feb 16, 6:00 – 7:30 pm to discuss the Marsh River Coop’s needs for fresh fruit and vegetables in 2016, and what you might be able to provide to the Co-op.

This is also a great chance to chat with other growers in the Marsh River Co-op area.

Agenda and more info is below.

Please RSVP to:

Betsy Garrold, Assistant Manager

Tel: 722-3053


If you can’t make it to the meeting

Please send a list of your products and estimated wholesale prices, along with your address and other contact information, to Betsy Garrold (contact info above) by noon on Saturday, Feb 13.

We look forward to seeing you on Feb 16!



Tues, Feb 16, 6:00-7:30pm


Marsh River Cooperative, 5 Veterans Hwy, Brooks, Maine (corner of Rte 7 & Rte 139)


Marsh River Co-op Incorporators, Producer Members and other vendors interested in selling fresh vegetables and fruit to the Co-op in 2016


6:00 Welcome & introductions

6:15 Overview and general discussion of Co-op purchasing policies and needs

6:45 Roundtable of growers: Detailed discussion of product needs, availability, and pricing

7:15 Next steps & wrap up

Other information

The purchasing policy of the Co-op is to purchase first from the Co-op’s incorporators and producer members (who must be located within a 10-mile radius of the Co-op). When product from these vendors is unavailable, the next priority is to purchase from other vendors within a 25-mile radius of the Co-op. More information about membership and purchasing policy is available at:

The Co-op also will likely be requiring its growers to carry general liability insurance, with the Marsh River Co-op listed as an additional insured.

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