4th of July Update

4th of July People should arrive at 8am to help open and set up. The store will be open from 9 to 12pm.

The Store July 4th

Mike and Frank will be outside on the porch grilling burgers. People will pay inside at the register then carry burger ticket to Mike and frank to get a burger.

10 lbs / 40 + Burgers $4.00 Burger, cheese Burger $4.50(rolls, ketchup, cheese), Soda, Water, Chips, Popcorn – Marsh River Theater has a popcorn maker we will be asking to borrow it.

Inside we have Meredith, Heather to run the store. We may need more people in the store and welcome help here.

We will be selling the small Stone Fox Creamery ice cream buy one get one free for as long as they last 50 small ice creams.

Nancy will sell 50/50 tickets to the crowd.

Signage for burgers. Signage for Ice cream.

Ronanne, Kim, – will bring saw horses to block the parking. We will block it off sunday while we are decorating the Float. Make a cafe out front with tables.

Ronanne – Bring Ezup.

Ronanne- Bring a radio.


We welcome anybody who would like to help decorate the float

Decorate on sunday July 3rd 1Pm. On the Trailer will be 8 bales of hay, banners, Flags, a sign saying Happy 200 Birthday Brooks, grain bags,

Ronanne- will bring chickens for the float. show up at Izzys at 11:30am to help load hay onto the trailer.

Mike- lamb

Izzy – cage for the chickens, hay,

Make signage for burgers and ice cream – Ronanne will provide poster board and paint marker.


Meredith is bringing tent, tables, Alfred and Mariah will be helping Meredith set up at the park.

Mariah is updating applications, and brochure. Ronanne will be printing them off.

We are not bringing items from the coop to the park to sell. The co-op will be promoting membership and answering questions about the coop. We are inviting members to come and promote their coop related products and farms. Members may sell items in the park at the co op tent if they desire. Please coordinate with Izzy so we can make a plan .

Come join the celebration and be a part of the Co-op on the 4th. We welcome people to help with the tent in the park and more people to join the float in the parade.

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