New Items In The Store

Hi Everyone,

We have a bunch of new items in the store this week.

Suecakes Whoopie Pies and Savory Tarts (Savory tarts are in the walk in)

Macro Veggie Pad Thai Noodle – $5.25 (We have grab and go noodles now!, in the walk in)

Applegate Uncured Bacon – $6.50 (Freezer)

Maine Pie Cookie Dough – $6.75 (Ice Cream Freezer)

Maine Pie Blueberry Pie – $15.99(Ice Cream Freezer)

Mina Harissa – $6.49

Welpac Kombu Dashi – $4.25


We also received our Fedco Seed Order in the store and they are ready for sale.



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