New Libations and One New Item

Hi Folks,

We have some new libations for the store this week along with 1 new item. They are;

  1. Kate’s Salted Butter 8oz – $3.50

New Libations

  1. Hakitsiri Organic Sake – $17.49 (I’ve never seen organic sake before, it’s nice to see they make it)
  2. Blue Current Sake – $16.49 (Made right here in Kittery, Maine)
  3. Ozeki Sake Dry – $7.49
  4. Pizzolato Organic Prosecco – $11.25
  5. Sula Shiraz – $12.69 (A favorite of mine which is made in India and pairs well with spicy curries)

New label count is 97. 28 more labels before we can have our first wine tasting.

And finally take a look at our new seating area which now hows some comfy furniture and fire place thanks to a donation from one of our board members.

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