Jelly Bean Contest Winners

Hi Everyone,

We have the winners for the Jelly Bean Contest at the store. Thank you Mike S for all your hard work putting that together, that’s a lot of Jelly Beans to count!

Actual number of beans 1559!

14 and up winners

3rd Place Winner Cathy B with 1250 gets a $10.00 Gift Certificate

2nd Place Winner Art S with 1360 gets a $20.00 Gift Certificate

1st Place Winner Ariel F with 1473 gets a $30.00 Gift Certificate

Under 14

3rd Place Winner Alex S with 1021 gets a bag of Jelly Beans

2nd Place Winner Will with 1026 gets a large bag of Jelly Beans

1st Place Winner Miles B with gets the whole jar of Jelly Beans!

We’ll be reaching out to winners by telephone shortly. Thanks everyone for playing!

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