Toddy Pond Yogurt

Hi Everyone,

We unfortunately won’t be getting a Toddy Pond delivery this week. They indicated this was due to a jar shortage caused due to some shipment issues. We still have White Orchard on the shelf and if you really need Toddy Pond Belfast Co-op has had it in stock. We hope to have it back on the shelf as soon as possible. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I do.

One thought on “Toddy Pond Yogurt

  1. We hope you see the October Down East article about Bob Sewall and the farm! And I am checking to see if you want vinegar. Our farm is closed this fall except by appointment to pick up cider or vinegar orders. This is due to the trees being stressed by heat and drought. HOWEVER we are taking orders for cider as long as we have apples to make it, and our award winning vinegar is available year round. Thanks!


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