Annual Forum and Pot Luck Documents

Hi Everyone,

We apologize for the delay on getting these out but I’m sure you understand how crazy the last week was. We were hoping to get it out then but due to the power outage and recovery from that we didn’t have a chance to work on. Please find the links below for the Annual Report and Bylaw changes the board is recommending. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these documents please don’t hesitate to stop in, talk to a board member or e-mail We want/need to hear your comments. There is also space on page 5 if you want to write in comments. We will also have copies of the documents and financials available in the store by Wednesday afternoon. We look forward to hearing from you and we hope to see you this coming Sunday at 4:30pm for the Potluck and Forum!

A Message from the board:

Of 9 possible board seats we have five board members who will be continuing on. One of these members is unable to attend meetings so suggested she step down, but would stay on in a primarily advisory position, if we couldn’t find someone who is able to engage more fully. We currently have one candidate on the slate.

That leaves three, really four seats open. Please join the board through standing for a seat or consider appointment to an interim seat if not able to stand at the moment.

Annual Report

Bylaw Changes

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