New Items 02/09/2018

Hi Folks,

So we have a bunch of new items we need to let you know about. We’re trying to keep with adding a few new items as requested by people even in winter. We have a bunch of new spices/herbs as well because we want to be your spice destination for hard to find herbs, plus they taste good.

  1. Half Gallon Palmer Milk (In Mason Jar), Member Requested
  2. Riojana Torrontes, Member Requested
  3. Springworks Boston Lettuce (trying to keep greens on the shelf)

New Spices/Herbs (All herbs are organic unless otherwise noted)

  1. Matcha Powder
  2. Lavender Flowers, Vendor Requested
  3. Garam Masala, Member Requested
  4. Whole Fennel Seeds
  5. Calendula Flower Petals, Member Requested
  6. Peppermint Leaf, Member Requested
  7. Whole Nutmeg
  8. Sumac (Conventional)

With these additions our total is now up to 90 bulk herbs/spices with 82 of them being organic.

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