New Co-Op Layout

Hi Folks,

Sorry for not sending any notes out recently but if you’ve stopped in recently you may have noticed we’ve added some new cooling capacity and have been moving things around which has taken up a fair amount of time. We are still a bit in flux so if you have any questions or can’t find anything please ask. So here’s what’s changed recently,

  1. We added a new Beer Cooler which we found second hand right here in Waldo County. Thanks to everyone that helped get it here. It needs a little TLC (it’s missing the front screen, the door tracks need cleaning and we could use some more shelves) but overall it’s working to keep our beer supply nice and cold and the price was right. Once we locate some more shelving we can probably increase our chilled beer selection to compliment the 24 bottles of chilled wine we have in stock.
  2. By moving the Beer out of the walkin we were able to free up an additional door to display and add produce selections just in time for spring/summer crops to come in. We’re excited about adding more local produce to our selection.
  3. Moved the Yogurt out of the Cheese Cooler and moved the Cheese Cooler closer to the door. This one is still up in the air so if you have any thoughts/comments please let us know.

So if you haven’t been in recently please stop by to take a look at all the changes going on at your local Co-Op!

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