Bulk Honey is Back! And New Items

Hi Folks,

We are very sorry for the delay but we finally have Bulk Swan’s Honey back in stock(thanks Lizzie for the illustration). There has been some trouble with the previous containers so we’ve worked out something else out so hopefully we’ll be able to keep it in stock from now on. So bring in your containers and get some honey!

Also, it has been a while since I’ve sent out a list of new items so please find the list below. If you happen to think of something you would like us to find for you please put it on the board!

  1. Deland Hamburger Buns (GF, Organic)
  2. Barilla Campanelle (Non-GMO)
  3. Pure 7 Chocolate (Organic, Soy Free, Paleo)
  4. Thayer Witch Hazel (Original)
  5. Saffron Threads (Organic)
  6. Herbal Armor Bug Spray
  7. All Terrain Fabric Bandages
  8. Avalon Organic Unscented Lotion (Organic, Member Requested)
  9. Maine Vintage Chips 5oz Packs, Original and Cookout Flavors (Member Requested)
  10. Fieldroast Veggie Burgers (Customer Requested)
  11. Little Lads Cashew Date Granola (Board Request)
  12. Peak Variety 12 Pack (Organic)
  13. Pepp Guner Veltliner

We also have almost all the Ralph’s Cafe Pickled Products back in stock for summer. We have the fiddleheads, dilly beans, canned pickles and fridge pickles ready for your cookout!

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