New Items 07/06/2018

Hi Everyone,

It’s time for a new item list so you know everything that has been added to our shelves this week. If there is something you want us to try and carry just pop us a note or stop in!

Vor Dark Chocolate Almond Cups (Someone requested dark choc peanut butter but this is the best we could find so far through our distributor)

Half Baked White Frozen Pizza Dough (Customer requested)

Molino Organic Semolina Flour (Customer Requested)

Pemberton Death by Chocolate (Member requested)

Callebaut Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate in Bulk (we’re still working on the logistics on this so it may end up in repack or as an item cut by staff/volunteers)(Member requested)

Swans Honey 2oz Raw Honey Jars

Swans Honey Beeswax Bars (Customer Requested)

Tide Mill Organic Maine Hotdogs (Customer Requested)

And now Penobscot Bay Brewing is switching from the 22oz bottles to 4 pack cans we just got the first shipment of Humble Bee in that format.

Also, some of you may have heard that Salazon Chocolate is going out of business so we are working on bringing in different selections. If you try a new one and have comments please let us know so we can see how you like them.

Jelina Org Dark Choc Sea Salt

Jelina Dark Choc Espresso



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