New Items 07-28-2018

Hi Folks,

Been a bit delayed getting the list out for this week. Been super busy at the Co-Op with a bunch of new faces. So with no further ado please find the list below of our new items for the week;

We have a few new summer selections from Cellar Door Winery in Lincolnville

Cellar Door Theron Rose

Cellar Door Pinot Noir

Cellar Door Sweetheart Red

and we’ve also added a small selection of vermouths for the Co-Op as well(thanks Easterly Wine for your recommendations)

Dolin Dry Vermouth

Dolin Blanc Vermouth

Dolin Rouge Vermout

Miro Seco Vermouth

Miro Rojo Vermouth

And a few other small things for the general grocery

New York Salt & Vin Kale Chips (Raw, Vegan)

Annie’s Green Goddess Dressing

Little Lads Buttah Popcorn

Vermont Smoke Peppercorn Stick

Simply Organic Vanilla Beans (hard to get them in bulk now…)

And thank you to Rani who provided us with a list of common medicinal herbs for us to start carrying. We now have the following in bulk

Organic Hibiscus Flowers

Organic Red Raspberry Leaf

Organic Oatstraw Green Tops

Organic Seedless Rosehips

Organic Lemon Balm Leaf

Organic Nettle Root





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