New Items and Hours Change 09-26-2018

Hi Folks,

We have a few new items this week including our yearly Bulb Display from fellow Co-Op Fedco. Seems like the cold has abated for a day or two but it will be back soon I’m sure. And as the days get shorter we will be moving off our summer hours and will return to closing at 6:00pm on Friday and Saturday on October 1st, but hopefully everyone knows if I’m closing it is a “soft” 6:00pm. And now on to the list for this week,

  1. North Branch Creamery (Monroe) Whiffletree Farmstead Alpine Style (This will be on the shelf in the next day or two, getting the right supplies to break it down)
  2. Ducktrap Smoked Salmon Pate (Belfast)(Associated started carrying more ducktrap products)
  3. Ducktrap Smoked Mussels (Belfast)
  4. Fomu Tahitian Vanilla Coconut Icecream (Vegan)
  5. And of course our full display of Dutch Bulbs from Fedco.



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