Annual Meeting November 11th at the Co-Op. 4:00pm Potluck – 5:00pm Meeting

Well it’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling and the farmers are planting their final crops for the season so that must mean it’s time for the Marsh River Cooperative Annual Meeting! Come find out how your Co-Op is doing, ask questions of the board and management, discuss topics of interest to your local Co-Op and meet other members. We will be doing the pot luck format which is always a good way to try different things! Also, the Co-Op will be providing a few samples of our recent local product additions.

We would also like the membership to please take a brief survey regarding the current structure of the Co-Op, recommendations for continued growth and get an overall impression of how folks are feeling about the general direction of the Co-Op. We really need the memberships input so that we make sure everyone’s voice can be heard!

Please follow the link below to complete the quick survey! (Paper Copies will be available at the register)
Marsh River Cooperative Survey
P.S. – Sorry to anyone that may have received this twice, we wanted to make sure everyone sees it so we posted it on the website and facebook as well.

MRC Annual Meeting Flyer 2018

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