New Items 11/16/2018

Hi Folks,

So we have a few new items this week. We’ve hooked up with Mariner Beverage out of Portland which distributes a for Foundation Brewing out of Portland so we now have a few of their selections. We were also able to add an old favorite from the west coast.

  1. Foundation Brewing – After Glow IPA
  2. Foundation Brewing – Epiphany IPA
  3. Foundation Brewing – Burnside Brown (Made with Maine oats)
  4. Northcoast Old Rasputin – Non-GMO

And a few items in grocery;

  1. Condensed Sweetend Coconut Milk (For baking, Vegan)
  2. Ducktrap Smoked Makeral (Member Request)

(I also wanted to showcase some of our brews from Penobscot Bay Brewing in Winterport in the photo)


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