New Items and Christmas Trees

Hi Everyone,

We hope you had a great holiday and that everything went without incident despite the freezing temps. We wanted to let you know that we just received our shipment of Organic Christmas Trees($36.50) from Skyscraper Farm here in Brooks (Jack & Rani). We should also be getting a delivery of smaller trees and a few table top ones from Mckay Farm shortly. And now on to the list of new items for this week!

  1. Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice (This is actually a returning item, we were having a hard time getting it for a while).
  2. Navatis Maca Powder
  3. Barely There Condems

Beer and Wine

  1. Threshers Brewing Ponderosa (Searsmont)
  2. Threshers Brewing Citra (Searsmont)
  3. Lake St George Danny’s Oatmeal Stout (Liberty)

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