MRC Milestone

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to pass along that with three days to spare your Marsh River Cooperative has passed $250,000 in sales this year! This is 45% growth over last year! We need to thank everyone that have worked so hard to ensure that the Co-op grows and gets stronger every year.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who do so many different tasks in the Co-op. From our board members to store staffing, going and picking up products, facilities help and all sorts of other tasks!

Thank you to our members for continuing to support the Co-op by joining with equity and annual payment as well as including us in your regular shopping trips. A lot of our members are also volunteers so they do double duty!

Thank you to our vendors, many of whom are small local business as the Co-op works out the details of ordering and operating!

Thank to all of our customers and community members who have supported the Co-op through their purchases and ideas!

And thank you to our dedicated staff who have worked hard to make the Co-op succeed!

If we missed anyone we want to say thanks!

MRC Sign

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