New Items 01/05/2019

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time again for a new items post. We didn’t want to send out anything right away where we had done so many posts right before the holidays (we hope everyone had a good time). Also, if anyone has any good ideas with what to do with left over Christmas Trees please do let us know. I was thinking maybe feeding them to goats but I’m not sure about that one, I’d love to figure out a good use for them.

And now onto your new items!

  1. Suecakes English Muffin (While Ralph’s Cafe is closed we thought we’d try some different stuff)
  2. Sierra Nevada Torpedo 6 Pack Bottles
  3. 100% Pure Beeswax Tea Lights 6 Pack
  4. Bulk Fine Grind Himalayan Salt

And we’ve been having trouble keeping the Equal X Chocolates in stock due to problems at one of our distributors so we’ve switched over to a different distributor which means new Equal X varieties!

  1. Equal X Milk Chocolate (Org)
  2. Equal X Extreme Dark Chocolate (Org)


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