New Items 01/17/2019

Hi Folks,

So there are a few new items for this week. Some are replacements are things we are unable to get now but many are brand new to us!

First for the Local Items!

  1. Misty Brook Organic Canadian Bacon (Albion)
  2. Dragonfly Blackberry Brew Wine (Stetson)
  3. Dragonfly Witches Brew Wine(Stetson)

Now onto other items!

  1. Frey Organic Zinfandel (We aren’t able to get the Our Daily Zin anymore but this is a nice replacement)(California)
  2. La Marouette Merlot (Org)(France)
  3. La Marouette Cabernet Sauvignon (This is a replacement for the Santa Rita which is no longer available)(Org)(France)
  4. Vybes Peach Ginger CBD Infused Drink (This is a new product category for us and we are selling it from the beer & wine space and to those over 18)
  5. Garofalo Orecchiette



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