Call for Volunteers and New Items 02-03-2019

Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed that one of our regular volunteers (Lizzie) will not be available for bit on Tuesdays. She is expecting and will be going out on maternity leave probably in the next month or so. That means the Co-op is looking for a few good folks to fill in for a bit while she is away on Tuesday afternoons. If you have any interested/willingness to cover an afternoon shift on Tuesdays until she is able to return please email or stop in the Co-op!

We also have some new items that came into the Co-op this week so here is the list!

  1. Native Coconut Milk (Org)(we haven’t been able to get the Natural Value Brand for a bit so we are subbing this in)
  2. Sno Pac Frozen Raspberries (Org)(Customer Request)
  3. Betterlife Unscented Laundry Soap (Member Request)
  4. Small Tapioca Pearls (Customer Request)

and now for the Vino

  1. Le Hauts De Legarde Bordeux (Org)
  2. Tarantas Tempranillo (Org)
  3. Navarrotillo Rioja
  4. Santa Julia Malbec (Large Format)


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