New Items and Blackbrook Back in Stock 02/15/2019

Hi Everyone,

So we have a few new items this week for you to take a look at, we hope you enjoy them! We also wanted to let you know that Blackbrook Farm is back up in production so we now have goat milk in stock again.

  1. Thirty Acre Farm Jalapeno Kraut (Facebook Request)(Org)(Alna)
  2. Thirty Acre Farm Curtido (Facebook)(Org)(Alna)
  3. Bulk Natural Value Stone Ground Mustard (Member request)(Org)
  4. Bulk Cream of Tartar(Customer Request)
  5. Bulk King Arthur Measure for Measure GF Flour (Member Request)
  6. Benbows Hazelnut Coffee (Member Request)(Bar Harbor)(Rainforest Certified)
  7. Altano Doc Douro (Organic red wine from Portugal)


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