New Items 03-03-2019

Hi Folks,

Running a bit behind this week sending out our new items, been working on closing out last month. So without further adieu please find the list below and as always if you’d like to see something on our shelf please feel free to let us know!

  • Bureau’s Maple Corn (We sampled it for a while at the register and folks really seemed to like it so we wanted to get it for the Co-op)
  • Batch Bourbon Pecan Icecream
  • Fieldroast Italian Sausage (Vegan)
  • Bioitalia Basil Pesto(Org)
  • Bioitalia Canned Lentils (Org)
  • Aissa Walnut Baklava (Vegan)
  • Stonewood Cajun Turkey Sausage

And now for the libations;

  • Lake St. George Heller Ale (Liberty)
  • Lake St George No. 96 IPA (liberty)
  • Bota Box 3.0l Old Vine Zinfandel (Got the highest score of the boxed wines at Eater)
  • Bota Box 1.5l Cabernet Sauvignon (Customer Request)
  • Orleans Syrah (Org, California)


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