New Items, Soil Amendments and MRT

Hi Folks,

So I’ll try to let you know about a few things that have happened this week as briefly as possible. First for the list of new items we got in the Co-op this week!

  1. Something Sweet Without Wheat Harvest Bread(GF&DF)
  2. De Pumas Frozen Lasagna Sheets (GF)
  3. American Flatbread Pesto & Three Cheese (GF)(Member Request)
  4. American Flatbread Vegan
  5. American Flatbread Revolution (Member Request)
  6. Bulk White Buckwheat Groats (Member Request)
  7. And Mcvities Original Digestives are finally back in stock

The Fedco Seed and OGS order also arrived at the Co-op and with Ed’s help we’ve added a selection of soil amendments to our shelves as well.


And finally a bit of Brooks Event News. If you’d like to learn more about the Marsh River Theater here in town the Board of Directors for the Theater is having a potluck tomorrow night at 5pm at the Varney Building!


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