New Items and Bulk Lettuce Mix 03/30/2019

Hi Everyone,

So we have a few new items again this week and we are also trying something new with our Lettuce/Salad Mix. As many of you know we’ve struggled with figuring out a way to provide folks greens without plastic packaging but due to the nature of our cooling system and long term storage needs we haven’t been able to move past plastic bags. We’ve found a new kind of container which supposedly helps regulate the gases and humidity in the container to keep produce in a better condition longer so we thought we’d give it a try. So far it’s been in the walkin for about 5 days and the greens still look pretty good so hopefully we’ll be able to continue long term with having both bagged and bulked for folks depending upon how they’d prefer it.


And now on to the new items for this week, also pictured is the new Co-op Kiosk that our tireless Board President & Secretary and several volunteers have worked on!

  1. Bulk Whole Ancho Chilis
  2. Color Kitchen Natural Food Coloring (Non-GMO, GF)
  3. Olive Wood Spatulas
  4. Common Good Unscented Dish Soap (we had this a long time ago but it’s been out of stock for forever)
  5. Maggie’s Organics Beekeeper Socks
  6. Stepware Insulated Tea Brewing Tumbler
  7. Dark Horse Pinot Grigio in a 375ml Can
  8. Artista Strawberry Margarita (Org)


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