New Items 05-10-2019

Hey Folks,

So we have some new items on the shelf this week though we are super glad to have more local greens starting to come in.

  1. We are welcoming back to the shelves Earth Dharma Farm Organic Spinach .5lb Bags (Jackson)
  2. The folks over at Chase Stream Farm are also trying a new Daikon Kimchi
  3. We got a small restock of the dried beans from Calyx Farm 
  4. And we still have Bok Choi and Tatsoi from Stubborn Ox here in Brooks
  5. We also have locally foraged fiddleheads both clean and uncleaned for those that want to do the work themselves

And now on to the regular grocery items that came in new this week!

  1. Divina Grape Leaves (Non-GMO)(Board Request)
  2. Effies Original Oatcakes (Customer Request)
  3. Daves Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce
  4. Pratsch Austrian Rose Wine (Organic)

And we also added two more coffee beans to our shelves from the folks down at Green Tree in Lincolnville

  1. Kenya AA French in 1lb Whole Bean
  2. Peru Organic in 1lb Whole Bean

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