New Items 06/06/2019

Hey Folks,

So we skipped last week for the new item list (we got a little busy) so this might be a bit of a long list. That just means we’ve added new stuff to the shelves for you to come find. If there is ever anything you are looking for we’ll try our best to get it for you!

  1. 100% Natural Cooking Twine
  2. Maggies Organic Arrow Trouser Socks
  3. Stash Organic Chai Tea Box
  4. Edan Agar Agar
  5. Garofalo Linguine (GF)
  6. Amy’s Sonoma Burger (DF, GF, Non-GMO, Soy Free)
  7. If You Care 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil
  8. Coles Tuna in Water (Sustainable)
  9. Jelina Dark Choc Noir Bar (Org)
  10. Organic Valley Half and Half (Returning Item)
  11. Dutchman Smoked Gouda (We haven’t been able to get the local for a bit so we’re going to try this one)
  12. Wallaby Sour Cream (Thanks Belfast Coop!)(Returning Item)

We’ve also added some local products to our shelves as well;

Common Hill has supplied us with a small selection of steaks (Strip Loin, Ribeye and Filet) for the summer (Jackson)

Back 40 Bread has a new Maple Cinnamon Raisin

Seal Cove Feta Block (Lamoine)

Penobscot Bay Brewing Mountain Man IPA 4 Pack (Winterport, we used to have this in 22oz but they switched to cans)

And just in this afternoon we received Great Hopes Fromage Blanc (Garlic Dill  & Garlic Chive) and Great Hopes Cottage Cheese! (Jackson)


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