Fall Fedco Group Order

Marsh River Co-op is organizing a Fedco fall order for garden seeds, growers supplies, and fall bulbs.
Deadline for the order is 8/14 at noon.
Pickups at the co-op will be 9/4 for seeds and growers supplies, and on 10/12 for bulbs.
Since our spring group order for seeds and growers supplies came in at a 20% discount the same discount will apply to these two divisions.

By ordering with a group you can benefit by receiving a greater percentage off on your order, having the order delivered to the co-op at no charge, and supporting the co-op by sharing at least 25% (or more if you wish) of the discount with the co-op.

Please pay at the co-op for the total of your order before the order deadline listed below. When you pick up your order the amount of the discount plus any out of stocks will be returned to you minus 25% that the co-op is asking as a donation.

To place an order go to https://fedcoseeds.com

Group Member Instructions:


  1. First get the group order number below.

  2. Go to the division in which you are building an order, using the links in the page header. Log in using your own email address.

  3. When you review your order prior to checking out, click the “Part of a Group” checkbox. Then go to “Check Out Securely” and type in the group order number where indicated.
    If you are prompted to enter a credit card number, stop. Back up. You did not choose “Part of a Group”.

  4. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you used to log in. Until your coordinator finalizes the order, however, Fedco cannot confirm receipt of your order.

The group name is: marsh river co-op

The group numbers are:

seeds: 99189


organic supplies: 39063

The discount for any fedco division are as follows   $100.00 5%off

                                                                                 $300.00    10%off

                                                                                 $600.00    15%off

                                                                                 $1200.00  20%off

Note that seeds and organic supplies discount is at 20% because of spring group order.


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