Half Hitch Flowers, Common Ground Tickets and Fedco Order Reminder and other Co-op Updates

Hey Folks,

Just popping out a quick note to welcome Half Hitch Flowers to the Co-op! Also, we have several reminders and updates for everyone below;

  1. Friendly reminder that all Fedco Bulb/Seed/OGS Group orders are due into the Co-op by August 14th at noon so we have enough time to process them and get them entered
  2. We now have Common Ground Fair Tickets/Posters on sale at the Co-op so if you want to make sure you get yours come on in and get yours!
  3. Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unfortunately losing the display freezer in the next few days. We have moved the ice cream into the smaller freezer in the frozen/chilled section for now and the board is currently discussing the next plan of action.


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