New Local Pastries & Bread!

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to pop you out a quick note to welcome two new bakeries to our shelves. We are pleased to welcome The Mad Batter & Kimble’s Kitchen to our shelves. They are two bakeries over in Unity and we are really looking forward to their items being here! We are currently working out some of the kinks but as of right now it looks like we’ll be getting fresh pastries and breads Sunday morning just in time for brunch! So as of right now we are getting the following

  1. Mad Batter Almond Bear Claws
  2. Mad Batter Raspberry Turnovers
  3. Mad Batter Large Molasses Cookies
  4. Kimble’s Kitchen Oatmeal Bread
  5. Kimble’s Kitchen Dill Bread (Not pictured because I have it cooling before I wrap it)
  6. Kimble’s Kitchen Pumpkin Scones
  7. Kimble’s Kitchen English Muffin 6 Pack.

Collage 09-15-2019

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