New Items 11/23/2019

Hey Everyone,

It’s time for our weekly round up of what is new in the Co-op. And as always please let us know if there is anything you are looking for, we’ll absolutely try and get it for you!

We are starting to see some of our holiday items come in. As of right now we have;

  1. Mckay Farm Poinsetias
  2. Mckay Farm Christmas Cactus
  3. Two sizes of Mckay Farm Balsam Fir (maybe you’d rather plant a tree for the holdays)
  4. Hopefully in the next few days we’ll start to see our Christmas tree selection roll out but we’ll send out a separate note to let you know when they come in.

And now for regular stock items!

  1. Toddy Pond Fromage – New Flavor Honey Fig w/ Orange Peel (Monroe)
  2. Nomad Dried Pasta is now available as well, so if you have limited fridge space we now have a local, organic pasta which you can leave on the shelf! (Rigitoni and Fusilli) (Belfast)
  3. Abrahams Chevre in Olive Oil (Newport)
  4. Ancestral French Soaps Dish Soap (Monroe)
  5. Swans Honey Tupelo 3lb (Member Request)
  6. A Small Good Pancetta (Rockport)
  7. Garofalo Gluten Free Spaghetti
  8. Le Brun Organic French Cidre
  9. San Grod Organic Moscato
  10. Food Science Mega Probiotic (Member Request)
  11. Carlson D3 Liquid (Member Request)
  12. San Pellgrino Small Bottle (Member Request)
  13. Peak Sweet Tarts, Cranberry (Customer Request)
  14. Ledum Pellets (Member Request)
  15. Nature’s Answer Horse Chestnut (Member Request)

Also Back in Stock is our own Apple Bottom Beef (Jackson)with Shaved Steak, Ground, Short Ribs and Soup Bones available now!

Collage 11-23-2019

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