December Spotlight on Crafters!

Hey Everyone,

In the start of a new tradition(we did it last year so two years makes it tradition) we are going to put a spotlight on all of our wonderful crafts/crafters we have in the Co-op! We are going to break out the posts into loose categories to make them a bit easier to handle and we’ll try and make sure we hit everyone in turn!

And spotlight on the first crafters are our ornament folks;

Our own Louise Shorette (one of our brand new board members) has some wonderful hand felted birds made right in Jackson from Maine produced wool roving. They would be lovely on small branches that don’t support a lot of weight.


And then we have Gourdaments (Cindy Smith) also from Jackson who dries gourds and then paints them for a light weight ornament. There is a long process involved from start to finish and she has ornaments for every season available!


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