Spotlight on Crafters: Other and Brand New

Hey Folks,

So we just have a few more crafters for us to cover and they don’t quite fit into any specific category that we have. We also want to welcome a set of brand new crafters here in the Co-op. We just put their stuff out this afternoon!

First up is Bret’s Garden Statues from right over in Jackson. You can also find him at the outdoor market in Belfast in the Summer. He’s been with us for a while and his concrete creations are always fun!

And then we have Wendy’s Wax creations. She has a wide selection of scent and colored candles in a bunch of different style containers as well as scented wax for warmers as well!


We have some new additions too our shelves. Seasonally we sometimes manage to get our hands on a few sheepskins from John & Nancy and we just got our in last week!


And then we have brand new crafters to welcome to the Co-op. We now have Wiseacre Farm & Arts metalwork and felt creations (Palermo). From nails to candlesticks and a bunch of small felted creations they have quite the selection. They even brought in Wreaths for those that are looking for them!


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