New Items 01/05/2020 and telephones are working again!

Hey Folks,

We haven’t posted in a while the new stuff that we have in the Co-op because we were sending out posts for the Crafters but we’ve still been adding new items as folks let us know what they’d like to see on the shelves. In other news our phone lines are working again and we wanted to apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused folks.

And now on to the new stuff!


  1. Zensa Primativo (Organic)(Customer Request)
  2. La Fortuna Pinot Noir (Organic)
  3. Perlage Merlot (Organic)
  4. Le Grod Moscato D’Asti (Organic)(Customers have been requesting a sweet wine)
  5. Funky Bow Midnight Special (Member Request)(Maine)

Food and other stuff;

  1. Repack Green Split Peas (Member Request)
  2. Yellow Split Peas (Organic)(Member Request)
  3. Repack Maine Grains Cracked Oats (Organic)(Customer Request)(Maine)
  4. Candy Tree Black Licorice (Organic)
  5. Karmalize Sesame Seeds (Organic) (Member Request)
  6. Bulk Frontier Minced Garlic (Organic)
  7. Eco Me Foaming Hand Soap (Member Request)
  8. Equal x Milk Choc Caramel (ordered by accident but we thought it might be nice to have)

Not pictured but we’ve also been working with our friends from Mad Batter over in Unity to bring local bagels back to our shelves! So come on in and try a bag and please do provide us with feedback so we can strive to bring you an excellent new product.



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