Pastries for Sunday 01-26-2020 and New Stuff

Hey Folks,

It’s time for our weekly blast of what we’ve had delivered this morning from the folks at Mad Batter and Kimble Kitchen over in Unity. I figured we’d also include the new stuff that came in this week for folks!

  1. Bearclaws
  2. Raspberry Turnovers
  3. Quiches – Spinach and Lorraine
  4. Blondies
  5. Apple Turnover Hand Pies
  6. Choc Dipped Macaroons
  7. English Muffins
  8. Bagels – Wheat, Sesame & Plain
  9. Calabrese Bread
  10. Sourdough Bread
  11. Herb Tuscan Bread

And if you looked closely at the photo you might have noticed that we received a delivery of Ralph’s Cafe Muffins and Cookies this week as well!



And now onto the new stuff this week!

  1. Natrol Biotin 1000mcg (Board Request)
  2. Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid Tea (Member Request)
  3. Boiron Chestal Honey (Member Request)
  4. Thompson Adult Multivitamin (Board Request)
  5. Aura Cucai Org Clove Bud Oil (Member Request)
  6. Frontier Co-op Recycled Cotton Tote
  7. Violife Chedder Slices ( Vegan, Non-GMO, SF, DF, Kosher, Nut Free) (Board Request)
  8. Ancient Harvest Polenta (Organic) (Member Request)
  9. Lone Pine Tiny Tess Session IPA (Customer Request)
  10. Fox Farm Chips (All available varieties)


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