Volunteer Needs at the Marsh River Cooperative

Hi Folks,

Popping out a note by our Board President Kim Jacobs regarding volunteering at the Co-op. We’ve made a lot of changes over the last month and we continue to evaluate things daily (just like everyone else) and we want to thank all the wonderful volunteers and staff who have made it possible for us to keep our doors open!

Needed – Volunteers to help keep the coop safe for all and food available for all.

DISINFECTING Volunteers have been coming in daily, after-hours to disinfect the commonly touched surfaces in the coop   We still have some shifts unfilled. The tasks can be done any time after 6pm and before 9:30 the next morning and takes between an hour and an hour and a half. Also during the shift a few other tasks could be completed as needed –

Currently unfilled –

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays(currently covered by one of our long time volunteers) – though there is a possibility of shuffling days if another one is better for you.

Stocking- First priority is cleaning- then if there is any restocking of the shelves to do, that would be next.  Probably wouldn’t take too long extra

Repack of Bulk Items –There may be also repack to do at times as well. 
(You can volunteer for all or part of this daily routine)

FOR CURBSIDE PICKUP PROGRAM – If we are able to scale up our pre-order for curbside pickup program we will need volunteers to fill shifts. We don’t know yet what are needs will be.  Please let us know if you are willing to be on a list to be contacted for filling one person shifts for packing boxes

Boxing up the preordered items, after hours, for pickup the next day. (could be done by two household members)

Putting orders outside of customers arriving – We might also need one volunteer at time in the back room during open times  (away from contact with customers!)  When the customers call to say they are arriving for their pre-order, the volunteer would add any frozen items to the box and  put it outside the loading doors for pickup.

Please contact Kim at zephyrhill@fairpoint.net or 722-3139

One thought on “Volunteer Needs at the Marsh River Cooperative

  1. Hi Matthew and all….. I would be willing to come and help with the cleaning and other needs when no one is there.I could start with one day a week and then maybe do more. Could I also do some shopping when I am there afterhours? Let me know what day would work.  Nancy McAlley


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