A bit of the New Normal: New Items 05/07/2020

Hey Everyone,

We apologize that we’ve been a bit remiss in sending more notifications out to keep people in the loop  but as I’m sure you can imagine we’ve been busy just making sure we can maintain operations & the safety of everyone coming to the Co-op. All that being said we need to let everyone know about all of the new items we’ve added to our shelves over the last few weeks. Many of you have given us lists of things for us to try and find and we are slowly working through them so that those items will be available for purchase. Please bear with us as sourcing in our current supply chain scenario is a bit rougher than it used to be. We’ve also fielded inquires from new vendors who have lost their markets at we are trying to help those folks as well. As always please let us know if there is something you are looking for and we’ll do our best to find it for you!

Just a brief aside we are also starting to see our local farms come online as the weather improves so we are getting regular but limited supplies of local greens, radishes and a few other early spring crops as well.

Without further adieu please find the list of new items below!

  1. Maggies Org Womens Black T-Shirt, Large
  2. Maggies Org Womens T-shirt, X-Large
  3.  Melitta 6 Cup Ceramic Pour Over
  4. Rock City Guatemalan Whole Bean (Organic)(Rockland)(Customer Request)
  5. Rocky Ground Cider Zuzu 375ml (Newburgh)
  6. Rocky Ground Cider Pips 187ml (Newburgh)
  7. Rocky Ground Cider Queen 187ml (Newburgh)
  8. Mill Cove Dill Crackers (Portland)
  9. Tortilleria Pachanga White Corn Tortillas (Made with Somali Corn) (Organic)(Portland)
  10. Tinkyada Brown Rice Elbows 1lb Repack (Can’t get the retail pack right now)
  11. Barillia Spaghetti
  12. Lone Pine Brown Rice 1lb Repack (Phasing out the bulk for a bit, hope it can come back)
  13. Lotus Foods Black Rice 1lb Repack (Organic)
  14. Singing Pastures Roam Stick, Bacon (Newcastle)
  15. Plucked Fresh Salsa (Portland)
  16. Papous Falafal Burger (Vegan)(Having a hard time getting other frozen burgers right now)
  17. Eliya King Coconut Water (Organic)
  18. American Flatbread Pepperoni Bacon
  19. Bioitalia Chickpeas (Organic)(can’t get the Natural Value ones)
  20. Violife Parmesan Block (Member Request)
  21. Volcano Lemon Juice (Couldn’t get the Santa Cruz so this was subbed in)
  22. Natural Value Basil Pasta Sauce(Organic)
  23. Peak Slim Hazy 12 Pack (Organic)(Customer Request)


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